Mr. International Rubber 2001
(November 10-13, 2000)

The following is an account of my trip to Chicago in November 2000, where I competed in the Mr. International Rubber contest.  While most of the report will focus on the contest and what I did surrounding it, this is a more or less full report, detailing my shopping and other parts of the trip.  Live with it.

During the trip, I sent periodic e-mail messages to a group of friends and rubbermen.  At this point, the report is nothing more than those e-mail messages. There will eventually be revisions, formatting, photos, and additional text, but that will have to wait until some time in December, after my impending move to Seattle, Washington.

To read the Trip Report from the MIR 2000 contest, click here.

Friday Night (before the Welcome Party)

Click here (last update: 11/10/00)

Saturday Morning (after Brunch)

Click here (last update: 11/11/00)

Saturday Afternoon (after the Pre-Judging)

Click here (last update: 11/11/00)

Sunday Afternoon (after the contest)

Click here (last update: 11/12/00)

Monday Morning

Click here (last update: 11/13/00)

Monday Evening

Click here (last update: 11/13/00)


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