Mr. International Rubber 2001 (November 10-13, 2000)

Sunday Afternoon (after the contest)

     This one is going to be short.  Longer one later this afternoon.

     “Hello.  My name is Susan Lucci.”

     Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

     Second year, second time as Contestant #2, second time as 2nd Runner-Up.  (Guess this year’s Hallowee’n outfit better be Two-Face.  Or else drag as Duo Damsel.)

     First runner-up was Tommy, winner was Chad.  (Didn’t I predict this triad after Friday night, hmm?)

     Don’t know if I’ll get info on how close things were this year, but if they were close, The Question was the telling part.  Tommy’s was something like “As the winner of the contest, you get to play with Khris Francis [the emcee, and a big ol’ girl].  You’ll be the top.  What would you do?”; Tommy played that so well (“Chicago Tent and Awning!”).  Mine was “Your friends are going to throw you a fetish birthday party.  How do you want it decorated and what do you want to do at the party?”  (Not nearly as fun a question, and just the sort that I hate to answer.)  I think I lost points and Tommy gained them.  I don’t recall Chad’s question.

     I’ve got to run off to the Cell Block for the afternoon vendor fair, hoping to corner Tom Kelly and B.D. Chambers from last year’s contest, to get them to sign a poster to use as a fundraiser item for ACLC’s Santa’s Slave Auction.  (Just wearing my Whiplash! jacket, LaCrosse black boots, and a rubber vest right now.  Low-key.  B-)


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