A Country-Western and Swing Dancer’s Travel Guide

A Country-Western and Swing Dancer’s Travel Guide / Places to Dance and Dance Groups Around the World For Lesbian and Gay Dancers and Their Friends

Welcome to the online version of
DANCE!  A Country-Western and Swing Dancer’s Travel Guide

This website and the associated print version of the Travel Guide provide the best resource available for gay and lesbian dancers (and those who dance with them) to find places to dance and people to dance with around the world.  Please visit the site frequently and point all your friends to it as well.  Just refer to it as the “Dance Travel Guide” and you’ll remember how to find it.

This site depends on its visitors to keep the information current.  While I travel a lot — I go out of state about once a month — and I check up on dance venues wherever I go, there are only so many places I can visit in a year.  So if you find that the information for some dance bar or social group is out of date or incomplete when you try to visit, please let me know, and let me know what the new info is.  This is especially true if your local scene makes changes: get me the information so visitors to your area have the best chance of finding a place to dance!

Things change all the time.  I always recommend contacting a dance venue or group before making a lengthy trip, just in case!

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