A Country-Western and Swing Dancer’s Travel Guide

A Country-Western and Swing Dancer’s Travel Guide / Places to Dance and Dance Groups Around the World For Lesbian and Gay Dancers and Their Friends

As you’ve noticed, the information which this Travel Guide lists for some dance venues is pretty minimal.  Sometimes I don’t even know what nights they have dancing.  And in some cases, the information I have dates back several years and has probably changed several times; the place may no longer even exist!

I wish I could visit every place in the world where gays and lesbians dance to country and swing music, but I can’t.  However, with your help, I can have the best information possible.  Here’s the basic info I need:


Telephone Number
Website or E-Mail Address

What nights/times are lessons held?
What nights/times is open dancing available?
Is it country or swing dancing?
If there is a cover charge, how much?
Anything else about the place (no smoking, women only, etc.)


Mailing Address (*)
Telephone Number (*)
Website or E-Mail Address (*)

What sort of a group is it (social, performance, event producer, etc.)?
When it was founded?
What special events does it produce and when?

(* - For some groups, the contact info may be that of a member rather than the group.  If so, I’d like to include that person’s name if I may.)

For Dance Venues, I also want to include a short review of the place.  Here, I can include information about who the teacher is, who the DJ is, what the format of the lessons are, and what sort of lessons are taught when?  You can also talk about the decor, the size and condition of the dance floor, when the best nights for dancing are, and how friendly the regulars are.

All reviews must be accompanied by a real name and a valid e-mail address.  All reviews will be credited to the submitter — if you’re going to puff a place up or tear it down, be willing to stand up for your opinions — although if you wish to be credited without your e-mail address being linked or even just by first name and last initial (“Jim D.”), I will oblige.  The full name and e-mail address will be kept in my files so that I can contact you later, if need be.

I will gladly include reviews from multiple people, even with conflicting views; the more information that visitors have, the better.

I reserve the right to edit these reviews.  Outright hostile reviews — which are often from people who have an axe to grind with a venue’s management, in my experience — will be rejected.  Which doesn’t mean that negative reviews are bad, but there is always some way to say the bad without it sounding evil.