Legion: Secret Files #1 (miscellany)

Legion: Secret Files #1 cover


January 1998


Frontispiece, Profile Pages, Interview, Timeline: LSH, and The Roll Call


Phil Jiminez (Cover) • Patrick Martin (Cover Colors) • KC Carlson (Editor) • Frank Berrios (Assistant Editor)

Frontispiece (reprinted from cover of Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #< >): Alan Davis (Penciller) • Mark Farmer (Inker) • (Colorist and Cover Editor uncredited)

Profile Pages: Tom McCraw (Writer / Colorist) • Lee Moder / Chris Sprouse / Jeffrey Moy / Leonard Kirk / Paul Pelletier / Dan Jurgens / Humberto Ramos / Wayne Faucher / Ron Boyd / Philip Moy / Barry Kitson / Jason Armstrong / Mike Collins / Colleen Doran / Cully Hammer / Phil Jiminez (Pencillers) • Ron Boyd / Karl Story / W.C. Carani / Bob Almond / Drew Geraci / Norm Rapmund / Wayne Faucher / Ray Kryssing / Barry Kitson / Colleen Doran / Cully Hammer / Phil Jiminez (Inkers) • (letterer unknown)

Interview: Tom Peyer (Writer) • W.C. Carani (Penciller / Inker) • Tom McCraw (Colorist [assumed; uncredited])

Timeline: LSH: Tom McCraw (Writer) • (Art reprinted from various sources)

The Roll Call: Phil Jiminez (Penciller / Inker) • Tom McCraw (Colorist [assumed; uncredited])


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Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Triad (Luornu Durgo) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo-Nah) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
XS (Jenni Ognatz) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Chameleon (Reep Daggle) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Violet (Salu Digby) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Kinetix (Zoe Saugin) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Star Boy (Thom Kallor) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
M’Onel (Lar Gand) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Element Lad (Jan Arrah) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Gates (Ti’julk Mr’asz) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup
Umbra (Tasmia Mallor) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup

Supporting Characters

Officer Shvaughn Erin (Science Police, Metropolis) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #2) < >
Brad Majors < > None to date
Koko No trackable appearance; seen in pinup


Saturn No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
Titan No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
Korbal No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
unspecified asteroid field and comet No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
Seen in Legends of the Legion #4
Legion headquarters, Metropolis No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
One-shot Locations:
     unspecified city on Titan
     unspecified two-sun solar system in space (possibly Bgztl)
     unspecified security area
     unspecified city locations (probably Metropolis)
     unspecified two-sun solar system in space (probably different from one seen with Apparition; possibly Daxam)

Alien Races and Creatures

Lightning Beasts of Korbal No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background


Levitating furniture No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
Omnicom (with stylus) No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
Mark-459 cruiser No trackable appearance; seen in pinup background
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Superboy doll
     Science Police gun
     propaganda poster

Analysis Notes

Profiles The Profile Pages are presented in the order the members joined the Legion (except that Spark joined prior to Violet).  Sensor, Monstress, and Ferro were members at the time this issue was published, but received no listing; neither did former members Andromeda and Magno, future members Kid Quantum II and Karate Kid, deceased members Kid Quantum I and Leviathan, honorary member Superboy, or any of the supporting cast or villains.  This leaves ample material for use in a second Secret Files issue later.
27 Throughout this entry, “Magno Ball” is a typo for “Magnoball.”
The entry says “Rokk’s fans” gave him the nickname; according to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0, it was “the Internet.”
The soundbite text indicates that his powers are usable on non-ferrous materials (which should be true, as many materials exhibit some magnetic properties, although iron typically show such very strongly).
There is a slight coloring error on Rokk’s left hand, where the band of his ring has been colored the same as his glove.
28 The First Appearance note is slightly incorrect; Garth first appeared as “Lightning Boy” rather than as “Lightning Lad.”
It is interesting that Garth’s best friends are both Braalians, since the two sets of powers are closely related: moving a magnetic field across a wire will create an electric current, and running an electric current through a wire will create a magnetic field.
34-35 For lack of a better place to locate this interview, we will assume that it occurs simultaneous with the narrative by Triad in this issue’s first story, and thus immediately after the Legion Day flight seen in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100.
Shvaughn initially seems rather standoffish to Brad Majors in this interview, anticipating that he is going to try to get her to say something negative about the Legion; the images at the start of the interview indicate her relaxation over the course of the OmniChat. (After all, Brad Majors is an “asshole;” any fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show can tell you that.)
While Shvaughn undoubtedly has a lot to keep track of, at this point she had just recently returned from a lengthy stay in the 20th century, which can’t have helped matters any.
Shvaughn was promoted to Lieutenant shortly after this interview.
Shvaughn’s research was shown in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #6.
Teenagers are always more foul-mouthed than adults would like them to be.
Note that all the Legionnaires that Brad names are ones who were in the 20th century with her (which he only knows to have been a “secret mission”). He is obviously trying to get information on the “mission” out of her.
36 Despite the text, it is Lyle’s knowledge of the Durlan language which indicates that he spent time on Durla.
Lyle was drafted into joining the Legion, perhaps hand-picked by President Chu to be Earth’s representative.  Lyle’s reasons for staying as part of the Legion are not so mysterious as the text would indicate: in addition to the obvious reason of having a peer group his own age, Lyle undoubtedly used his Legion membership as a means of getting out from under the thumb of the government when he was involved in the sting against President Chu.
40 XS has yet to display the ability to vibrate through solid objects.
41 Most Durlans are limited to only recreating forms they have personally encountered, storing templates of these forms in their minds; Chameleon is probably able to retain templates longer and is able to use them piecemeal and extrapolate from stored ones into new forms.
The position Chameleon left behind was apparently the equivalent to “heir to the throne,” as he became spiritual leader of Durla when his father was killed by the Composite Man.
42 Brainiac 5’s reason for attraction to strong blonde women was confirmed in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #108.
The reference to “twelve simultaneous tracks of thought” echoes the preboot “12th level intelligence,” which was never especially well defined (humans had 6th level, yellow sun-powered Kryptonians had 8th); this at least gives a sense of what extra mental abilities Brainiac 5 may be capable.
43 Violet resumed using the “Leviathan” code name some time after this profile was published.
The green forelock in her hair is a leftover mark of her interaction with the Emerald Eye; in the preboot, the longtime Eye wielder Sarya (the Emerald Empress) had entirely green hair, as did Cera Kesh, who gave herself more fully to the Eye’s control than did Violet.
46 In the preboot continuity, Ayla also had her lightning powers replaced by gravity powers, and took the name Light Lass (and was also known as Gossamer), but she later resumed the Lightning Lass identity upon having the powers changed back.  As the image of Spark indicates, she soon resumed her lightning powers (in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<102>) upon returning to the 30th century in the postboot continuity as well.
47 Kinetix actually started wearing green during her search for the Emerald Eye, when she was changed into an elfin form by Mysa.
“Zoe” and “Thanot” derive from the Greek words for “life” and “death;” if and when Thanot displays powers, we’ll see if a connection can be made between the names and the abilities.
Although the text does not mention it, Zoe’s powers are apparently a result of in vitro changes wrought on her pregnant mother by Mysa.
53 The other Xanthans to join the Legion are Kid Quantum, Monstress, and (not a member when this profile was written) Kid Quantum II.
There are indications that the first Kid Quantum was chosen because he was more expendable than the other viable options; despite this, Star Boy has been seen to have been well respected on Xanthu, and thus was presumably sent as an earnest Legionnaire rather than a disposable one.
Despite the indication of the comet being responsible for Star Boy’s new powers, it was evidently the unwitting consumption of Space Whale meat that provided the bulk of them, as per Legends of the Legion #4; it is unknown if the powers displayed thus far is either all of them or if any/all are permanent.  (In the preboot, Star Boy lost his comet-gained powers all at once and without warning.)
Dreamer is the postboot version of Dream Girl.
54 M’Onel presumably also has x-ray vision
Lar Gand did not participate in L.E.G.I.O.N. under the name Valor; that name was bequeathed to him by Superman after he left the group.
It is unclear whether the “couldn’t survive” portion of the origin of the Gand-seeded worlds is accurate, given the state most of those peoples are in just 1000 years later.
It is also unclear how much/how often Valor could view of the material plane while in the Stasis Zone; it has been suggested that constant knowledge of the real world would have driven him mad over the centuries, so it is possible that had only periodic glimpses.
55 Despite the comment distancing him from the traditional Chemical King powers, Element Lad could undoubtedly stop an unintended reaction by simply transmuting the components to non-reactive ones.
Since stargate travel undoubtedly requires immense amounts of energy, it is likely that Tarnium is some sort of an energy-storing lattice; note that a synthetic energy-storing element called Promethium was known on 20th century Earth, so the two may be related.
The text neglects to mention that Jan is largely unconcerned by dangers to himself and his teammates due to Trommite philosophy which says that death is not an end but merely a transition to another state of being, and thus not to be feared.
56 As per Legion: Science Police #1, Gates’ powers were evidently not in-born, and another Vyrgan managed to partially duplicate them, being able to open an “in” disk but not a matching “out” one.
57 Actually, Rimbor is known for being a rough-and-tumble world, where Jo was a gang member; this is somewhat different from simple child neglect.
The statement about leaving Rimbor’s mean streets behind indicates than Jo returned to Rimbor at least briefly following Legends of the Legion #1.
58 The mentioned rejection was revealed in Legends of the Legion #3 to have been her personal attack on a United Planets envoy’s space cruiser.
Since this profile was published, Tasmia has been seen to be able to shape her darkfield into complex semi-mobile shapes and into destructive force bolts; these enhancements may have been spurred by her contact with the Fires of Creation space anomaly.
60-61 The 100 continuity “values” in this timeline do not necessarily directly map to units of time.  However, plotting them at about one week per unit would mean the Legion has been in existence for a little under two years at this point (versus the three-and-a-quarter years since the new continuity started), which seems reasonable (although it means that Shvaughn’s statement about the Legionnaires’ average age in the earlier interview is out of date).  Of special note is that the group of Legionnaires who were trapped in the 20th century were there about 28 units, or nearly seven months; this seems to fit adequately with the events that they actually engaged in while there.
The “L2470” designation for the various timeline entries is a reference to L(egion), (Adventure Comics #)247, and possibly (Legion of Super-Heroes/Legionnaires #)0.
It is unclear what the “PR:” items in the timeline indicates.  It could stand for “Public Relations,” but L2470-58’s time travel item is clearly something that would not be revealed to the general public.  Further, some Legion roster changes — election and member inductions — are called out (L2470-73 and 77), while others are not (L2470-80 and 89).
Four units (about a month?) lapsed between Legionnaires #0 (L2470-03) and Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 (L2470-07). This meshes with notes about the camaraderie of the original five in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62, 9:1.
It is popularly believed that the “CLASSIFIED” item relates to a meeting with Timber Wolf. Internet chat reports from the creative staff have indicated that the Legionnaires may have already met him prior to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100.  This untold story may occur between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and Legionnaires #19, due to the scene in Legionnaires #19, 4:6; that is a very tight time frame, however, occurring between Kid Quantum’s death and his funeral (a few days at best, probably), so it is more likely to occur in the period between the funeral and the opening of Legion headquarters in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63.
L2470-44 contradicts Legionnaires Annual #2, in which Roxxas and Andromeda were both believed to be deceased.  This would indicate that the Chu administration, which knew of Andromeda’s survival, covertly captured and imprisoned Roxxas (or so everyone in the United Planets should hope; an insane lead-poisoned Daxamite running loose would not be pretty!), and the details of the fates of the pair would have been publicly revealed after Andromeda was later revealed to be alive.
L2470-63: Shrinking Violet’s leadership election was influenced by the Emerald Eye.
The final entry seems to be a reference to “Dark Circle Rising,” and might indicate a connection to a non-revenge seeking faction amongst the surviving Sklarians.  Since Kono displayed second thoughts about the Dark Circle motives during that storyline, she is a prime candidate to be that connection.
62-64 #1: This is the false Sun-Eater, not the one which appeared in The Final Night.
#12: Thunder is CeCeBeck of Binderaan, from Power of Shazam! Annual #2; she appears in the 30th century in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #110, long after this was published.
#14: Pr’n TinG Er’rr first appeared on the poster in Legionnaires #50, and KC Carlson referred to it online as a “printing error.” It is believed that this will become Wildfire and is/was either Radion (#99) or the destroyed Atom’x (not shown, as with other deceased characters).
#23: While the naming of “The Villain Formerly Known as Starfinger” is a joke about “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince,” the Starfinger armor was never named during its appearance, and this may indicate some backstory with a pre-Legion character; the epithet “The Villain Formerly Known as Starfinger” was provided either by Internet fans or by Tom McCraw during an AOL Chat session.
#30/31: Ultra Boy and Apparition are holding hands, since they’re married.
#37: The Sklarian Raider is miscolored.
#96: Koko is miscolored.
#116: This should have been labelled as “Dark Circle Leader” or “Brainiac 4” (as revealed in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #108).
#118: The four White Triangle gang members are (top to bottom) Ral, <Arns>, <Fethro Jorn>, and <Suggin> (with the headband).
Unnumbered: The small figure between Persuader and C.O.M.P.U.T.O. is Micro.