Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #3)

Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 cover


January 1998


“All Together Now!”


The Legion has acquired a space station from the United Planets, and they are refitting it to provide a second, mobile headquarters for the team.  As the teammates explore the Outpost, they discuss recent events, including the status of Andromeda, Violet, Ultra Boy and Apparition’s marriage, Ferro’s brother, and Chameleon and Sensor’s friendship.  Dyrk Magz plans to stay on as majordomo for the new outpost, which the Legionnaires dedicate to their fallen comrade Leviathan.


Roger Stern (Scripter / Co-Plotter) • Tom McCraw (Co-Plotter / Colorist) • Jason Armstrong (Penciller) • Ron Boyd (Inker) • Pat Brosseau (Letterer) • Carmela Merlo (“Adult Legionnaire” [Co-Plotter / Co-Scripter])


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Star Boy (Thom Kallor) Adventures in the DC Universe #10 Legends of the Legion #1
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) Adventures in the DC Universe #10 Legends of the Legion #1
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Also appears in a cameo image
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) Adventures in the DC Universe #10 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #4)
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Leviathan II (Salu Digby) Adventures in the DC Universe #10 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #4)
Leviathan I (Gim Allon) Appears only as hologram and cameo image
Kid Quantum I (James Cullen) Appears only as hologram
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Sister Andromeda (Laurel Gand) < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #5)
Impulse (Bart Allen) No appearance; mention only
Superboy No appearance; mention only
Atom’X (Randall Burroughs) Appears only as hologram
Blast-Off (Jahr-Drake Ningle) Appears only as hologram
Ingot (Douglas Nolan) Appears only in cameo image

Supporting Characters

Chuck Taine Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #4)
Dyrk Magz Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Koko Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #4)
Winema Wazzo No appearance; mention only
King <Charlz> Wynzorr of Orando No appearance; mention only


Orando No appearance; mention only
Legion Outpost Allon (exterior and assorted interiors) Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Docking bay, Legion Outpost Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Mission Monitor Room, Legion Outpost Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Recreation lounge, Legion Outpost None < >
Galley, Legion Outpost Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Hall of Heroes, Legion Outpost None < >
Workout room, Legion Outpost Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Botanical garden, Legion Outpost Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     unspecified planet and nearby asteroid moons

Alien Races and Creatures

Athramites (2) < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #5)


Mark-459 cruiser (Legion Cruiser O-3) Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #2) (flashback)
Levitating furniture Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) < >
Omnicom Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #2) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #2) (flashback)
Legion flight ring Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #1) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100 (story #2) (flashback)
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     unspecified generator
     Legion call board
     laser screwdriver

Credits Carmela Merlo is Roger Stern’s wife; she does some plotting/scripting work with/for him.

Analysis Notes

General This story occurs before the second story in this issue.
53 Star Boy is using his ring to fly, but it isn’t clear why Spark’s ring is highlighted.
XS has a tendency to speak way too fast when she is excited.  Why the prospect of the Legion Outpost has her so thrilled isn’t clear; perhaps she sees it as a Legion equivalent to the JLA satellite used by her grandfather, Barry Allen?
The text on the side of the device Chuck is holding says “GENE”, obviously short for “Generator”.
54:1 Star Boy’s powers give him super strength.  He is a little brought down by the fact that Ayla can effectively duplicate his power in anyone.
54:2-3 The shakiness is psychological.  When Spark uses her gravity powers, she is reminded that her powers are now different from her brother, and that bothers her.
54:5 Although a first glance might lead us to think this is Earth, the nearby asteroid moons and the view in 55:4 indicate otherwise.
55:1 Despite the speech on page 67, note that the Outpost has already been named for Leviathan.
55:2 The design of the cape is influenced by that of Captain Marvel.  Perhaps Zoe has been doing some research into 20th century magic heroes?
55:3 Monstress “tortured” the Athramites with her incessant costume changing in < >.
56:1 The logo icons on the call board are Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5, Chameleon, Element Lad, Saturn Girl, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, Live Wire, and Triad.
The space at the top of the Outpost must be the Mission Monitor Room.
57:4 This counts for an appearance by Triad-Orange, Triad-Purple, and the joined Triad.
57:5 Is Imra merely encouraging Kinetix, or is she subtly influencing her?
Vi isn’t normally that much shorter than the others.  She is using her powers ever so slightly to reduce her height and “hide”.  (Gim Allon did similar but opposite things with his powers as far back as Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62.)
58:1 Triad only met Impulse in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #99-100.
58:2 Assuming these stories occur chronologically, it has been days, maybe even a couple weeks since Team 20 returned.  Perhaps Violet has been intentionally avoiding a large group setting and thus having to deal with the issue.  The flashback in the second story in this issue involved her with Ferro, Triad, Gates, and Ultra Boy, so she should have processed some of those feelings already; this indicates that the flashback (and thus the entire second story) occur after this one.
58:3 Saturn Girl is especially cognizant of this issue, between her own control problems and the events of Sovereign Seven Plus #1.
58:5 This supports the idea that it has been days or weeks since Team 20 got back.  Of course, just the idea that Tinya was alive and solid again would be quite a bit for Winema to process; no need to shove her daughter’s marriage and her own Carggite lover on her, too.
Leviathan is to Apparition’s left, and the two Triads are Triad-Orange and Triad-Purple.
58:6 Note that these five are the early female members of the team.  They well remember Winema interrupting their “Girl’s Night Out” in Legionnaires #< >.
The laughter counts as dialogue for XS and Triad-Purple.
59:1 Chuck is singing the old song “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” although it has been updated in the intervening millennium, as seen in 59:3.
In Legionnaires #59, Triad-Neutral goes out on a date (of sorts) with Chuck Taine.  That is presumably to whom she refers (see 59:7).
59:2-6 Note that Chuck’s physique runs contrary to standard notions of male beauty (gotta be buff and blond, tan and trim!).  While this scene indicates that such limited focus has shifted over the years (thankfully), it also echoes the comments of many female (and some gay) fans, as well as playing into the fan-favorite status of Bouncing Boy, Chuck’s preboot identity.
59:5 Triad-Neutral is next to Saturn Girl, and Triad-Purple (based on the expression) is between XS and Kinetix.
60:1 From Ferro’s comment, this story must come before the flashback in the second story in this issue.
Ferro will eventually get used to XS and her fastspeechpatterns.  Everyone else has.
60:2 Gates originally considered the Legion a “Teenage Death Squad.”
60:3 “The first Leviathan”: Salu adopted that codename in Legionnaires #<52>, but vaccilated between using it and “Violet” for a while; she uses “Violet” in the flashback in the second story in this issue.  Based on this, she is tracked as Leviathan II here.
60:4 Douglas Nolan briefly used the codename Ingot.
61:1 Magno lost his powers during the battle with Mordru, in Legionnaires #50; that battle also took the lives of Atom’X and Blast-Off (sort of: they eventually will return, their energies fused into what will become Wildfire).
61:2 Jan, stop trying to be so deep.
61:3-4 It is good to see Legion friendships arising, especially between characters of different genders (or different displayed genders, anyway; Durlans may not really have “male” and “female” as such).
62:1-2 And they say superhero comics aren’t really just soap operas!
62:5 XS has a crush on M’Onel.
62:5-6 Since Triad-Orange (miscolored) appears in 63:1, this is Triad-Neutral.
63:1 XS is the granddaughter of Barry Allen.  He was always late, too.
63:1-2 Coloring error: Triad-Orange is the one with a crush on M’Onel, so it is surely her in this scene, not Triad-Purple.
63:3 This holo-projection facility of the rings is new, and hasn’t been seen since.  Perhaps it was an experimental piece of technology which was later removed.  Alternately, it might be a facility of the Outpost itself rather than the rings, creating holo-projections in the vicinity of sensed rings.
63:4 But they won’t quit.  In fact, three more would be added within the next dozen issues: Kid Quantum II, Karate Kid, and Thunder.  Maybe you could force some of them out, claiming it is for tax reasons?
65:2 And 5) if Garth doesn’t get together with Imra, Ayla will go for it?
The exchange in the background was presumably meant to make the readers believe that Dyrk was leaving altogether, possibly because Cosmic Boy’s return would negate the Legion’s need for him even if his powers were to be restored.
65:3 Sensor’s image is supposed be of a stained glass window.
66:1 Part of Gates’ commentary — that he and Jeka have something in common by being non-humanoid — is quite pointed, and Chameleon should know better.  It’s no better than saying “All blacks look the same to me.”  (The “royalist” line, though, is pure Gates.)
66:5 Just to be clear: Invisible Kid, Cosmic Boy, and Chuck Taine are on the platform.  On the ground are Gates, Ferro, Star Boy, Apparition, Umbra, Ultra Boy, Triad, M’Onel, XS, Monstress (apparently; undersized vs. other appearances in this story), Saturn Girl, Kinetix, Live Wire, Brainiac 5 and Koko, Leviathan, Spark, Chameleon, Dyrk Magz, and Sensor.  Element Lad is in the air.
66:5-6 The yelled dialogue cannot be tracked.
68:4 Only 5 meters (15.5 feet)?  Back in Legionnaires #0, he was said to have caught someone climbing 40 meters up the side of a building.  Perhaps 5 meters was simply a favored height that Gim used, but he could push beyond that.
68:5 The yelled dialogue is attributed to everyone present (except Koko).