On these pages, you will find short essays about the 30th century.


These essays are divided into three sets.  First, items presented from the Encyclopedia Galactica, the 30th century’s premier summary of history and culture.  Second, tracking hazy continuity surrounding events, characters, and locations.  And third, background summaries of Legionnaires and related characters.

(In general, the Encyclopedia Galactica entries are major extrapolations and theories driven off tidbits of known 30th century fact, and should not be taken as canonical.  Other essays tend to be an accumulation of fact and minor extrapolated analysis from items scattered across numerous issues and thus too long to present easily in any individual issue’s Frunt Analysis.)

Encyclopedia Galactica

Durlan Reproduction



Continuity Tracking

The Flash Legacy



The Genesis Event



Preboot Time Travel



Pre-“Legion of the Damned”



Character Summaries

(none at this time)