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This is the composite cover image from Rubbermen.com Issue 6.1, following the Mr. International Rubber contest in November 1999. Back row is Mr., International Rubber 1999 Thomas Smith (on the right) and his other half, Joshua; front row is Mr. International Rubber 2000 Tom Kelley, B.D. Chambers (1st runner-up), and me (2nd runner-up).

(Photo by Steve Mayers)
(Shirt by So Hip It Hurts, pants by Mr. S, coat by Burlington Coat Factory)


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I bought my first digital camera in the fall of 1999, and this was one of the first set of pictures I took, in my kitchen.

(Photo by Jim Drew)
(Pants by Mr. S)


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These were taken at the Up Your Alley (Dore Alley) street fair in July 1999. The newly formed Rubbermen of San Francisco Bay did a walk through of the fair; I had flown in from Las Vegas that day and made it to the fair just in time to catch the end of the walk through.  (When I took the red tanktop off at the end of the fair, it ripped up the side.  I finally got it repaired in September 2002.)

(Photo by LATEX)
(Blue shirt by House of Whacks, red shirt origin unknown [Dutch import]), shorts by Northbound)


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