Legion of Super-Heroes PVC Statues
(Updated August 19, 1999)

This is the promotional image for the Legion of Super-Heroes PVC figure set, released in the summer of1999.

Accompanying the figures was a box shaped like the Adventure Comics-era inverted yellow rocket ship clubhouse.  It had a clear plastic front and top through which the figures could be viewed, and add-on red fins on the sides.

(This image was snagged from the Westfield Comics web site.)


Legion of Super-Heroes PVC statues

    Original poses for the statues  

But why were the particular poses for the seven characters chosen?

As it turns out, at least some of the poses are taken directly from the comics.
Take a look at this panel from Adventure Comics #289 (reprinted in Superboy #185), for example.
(But note that they reversed the crossing of Cosmic Boy’s arms!)

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