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Canonical List of Members of the Lotta Species Heroes

In the early 1980’s, DC Comics produced 20 issues (plus a preview) of a funny animal superhero series called Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew.  The Zoo Crew was said to be situated in a parallel dimension called Earth-C.  (Note: Earth-C is termed a parallel “dimension” rather than a parallel “universe,” and as such survivied the ravages of Crisis on Infinite Earths.)

During their run, in typical DC Comics style, the Zoo Crew encountered yet another funny animal superheor parallel dimension, this one populated by funny animal analogues of the Justice League of America called the Justa Lotta Animals.  This world was termed Earth-C-Minus.

For years, Legion of Super-Heroes fans who also appreciated the Captain Carrot series have pondered the possibility of a Legion analogue in the 30th century of Earth-C-Minus.  Such a group would naturally be known as the Lotta Species Heroes.

Thanks to the membership of the LSH-L mailing list, what follows is the Canonical List of Members of the Lotta Species Heroes.  Note that some characters have more than one potential analogue; where multiple ones have been suggested, I have listed all suggestions.  Until the day comes when DC Comics gets silly enough again to offer us a Lotta Species Heroes Elseworlds story, who can say just which species is correct for a given character?

(Actaully, it can be said for a couple of them, with a certain certainty.  I have a piece of artwork commissoned from Captain Carrot artist Scott Shaw! of “Ultra Bear,” and Johanna Draper has a “Bouncing Bear” teddy bear.  And SFA Spotlight #5 features the Legion of Super-Furries.)

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  Cosmic Boy Cosmic Cow
Cosmic Cat

(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Live Wire Lightning Lark
Lightning Llama
Lightning Bug

(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Saturn Girl Saturn Squirrel
Saturn Gull
(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Triad Triplicate Bunny
  Apparition Phantom Cat (aka Phanty Cat)
  Kid Quantum Squid Quantum (Suicide Squid Quantum)
  Leviathan Colossal Coyote
Colossal Boar

(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  XS QT (a turtle, since she’s related to The Crash)
  Chameleon Chameleon Chameleon (formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Invisible Kid Invisible Cat
Invisible Kid
(like the Cheshire Cat)
  Brainac 5 Brainy-Quack 5
Brainiac Fly
(Don’t call me a quack!)
  Shrinking Violet Shrinking Violet
Shrinking ViolAnt
Shrinking ViaDuck
(an ambulatory plant)

(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Andromeda Pandromeda
(via Ranma 1/2?)
  Kinetix ??? (not KineTick)
  Spark Light Lark
Lightning Lassie
Lightning Bug
(with the Gossamer powers)
  Ultra Boy Ultra Bear
Ultra Bowser
(OFFICIAL: sketch by Shaw!)

(a fish?; formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Element Lad Element Lamb
ElemAnteater Lad
Element Eel

(aka Jan Aarrahdvark)
(or Eelement Eel?)
  Gates Gates (alien; no change)
  Star Boy Star Fish
Star Boar
(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  M’Onel Mon-Eel

(an ox)

(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Superboy Super Bowser (base him on Krypto)
  Sensor Prince-Asp Projectra (from Owlrando)
  Umbra Shadow Bat
Shadow Zebra
Shadow Squid
Shadow Cat

(a rat)  (or is that Umbrat?)

(inky darkness)
(hmm, sounds familiar)  (any cat sounds like a familiar <ba-dump>)
  Magno Stagno
  Ferro Ferro Colt
(becomes an Iron Horse)
  Monstress Manstress (human; eww, ick B-)
  Karate Kid Karate Kid (a goat; formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Kid Quantum II Squid Quantum II
  Thunder Thunder Bunny
Thunder Lizard
(remember the comic?)  (or maybe Hoppy the Marvel Bunny)


  Spider Girl Spider Girl
Spider Spider
Spider Gull
Spider Gnu
Girl Spider

(doesn’t scan well)
  Evolovo Lad Apevolvo
Devolvo Lad
(becomes a human)
  Inferno Infurno (species?)
  Particon Pythocon (python)
  Blast-Off Blast-Otter


  Insect Queen Insect Queen Bee
  Atom’X Atom’Cat

(10th generation descendant of The Item from Justa Lotta Animals)
  Konk Kroak (a frog)
  Particon Pythocon
  Phrenologax Penguinalax
  Radion Rhinon
(doesn’t scan well)
(manta ray)
  Atmos Atmouse


  Polar Boy Polar Bear (formal member of Legion of Substitute-Furries)
  Night Girl Night Bat
Night Owl

(formal member of Legion of Substitute-Furries)
  Fire Lad Fire Dragon
  Chlorophyll Kid Chlorophilodendron (a plant)
  Color Kid Color Chameleon
  Stone Boy Stone Fish
Stone Crab

(formal member of Legion of Substitute-Furries)
  Double-Header ??? (gotta be a Pushme-Pullyu)
  Porcupine Pete Porcupine Pete
Porcupine Peacock
Porcupine Pig
(the obvious)
(shoots feathers)
(nickname would be “Porky Pig”, descended from Pig Iron?)
  Infectious Lass Infectious Amoeba (eeewww)


  Dreamer Dream Gull
Prophecy Peacock
Dream Cat or Dream Kitty

Dream Beaver

(unusual for a female character, though)
(cats predict earthquakes, cats sleep a lot and are vain, “Dream of 1,000 Cats” from Sandman)
(formal member of Legion of Super-Furries)
  Mysa / White Witch White Crane

(under Boardru’s spell)
  Dragonmage ??? (possibly the obvious)
  Matter-Eater Lad Matter-Eater Goat
Matter-Eater Beaver

(Matter-Eager Beaver?)
  Bouncing Boy Bouncing Bear
Bouncing Tiger
Bouncing Boa
(OFFICIAL: stuffed animal)
(a la “Tigger”)
  Chemical King Chemical Lemming (destined to die)
  Tyroc Tyroach
(everyone else screams)
  Tornado Twins Tornado Tortoises (descended from the Crash, so must be turtles)
  Magnetic Kid Magnetic Cow (species should match Cosmic Boy)
  Dawnstar Dawnstork
  Wildfire Wildfirefly

(maintains a bird motif to fit well with Dawnstork)
  Comet Queen Comet Queen Bee
  Mentalla Mantalla (manta ray)
  Catspaw ??? (possibly the obvious)
  Crystal Kid Crystarfish Kid
Crystallion Kid
  Lamprey ??? (possibly the obvious)
  Nightwind ???
  Timber Wolf Timber Wolf
  Quislet Quislet (alien; no change)
  Tellus Tellus (alien; no change)
  Heroes of Llalor HeRodents of Llalor
  Wanderers Migrators
  Impulse ??? (again, some kind of turtle)


  Command King Command Cobra
  Dynamo Boy Dynamo Cougar (it’s an inside joke, Pomru)
  Fatal Five Feral Five
  Bizarro Bizarrat
  Ze Tongue Ze Tongue (a frog)
  Mordru Boardru
  Dr. Psycho Dr. Psycrow
  Universo Tunaverso
  Scavenger Scavulture (also seen in Amalgam, yes?)


  Krypto Krypto the Superboy
  Streaky Streaky the Supergirl
  Beppo Beppo the Super-Missing Link
  Comet Biron the Bowman
  Proty I and Proty II Proty I and Proty II (Durlans)


  President Chu President Chew (chews her cud)
  R.J. Brande R.J. Branded (a Texas longhorn)
  Marla Latham Meadowlark Latham
Marlin Latham


(always knew there was something fishy about him)


  Curt Swan Curt Swan
  Jerry Siegel Jerry Seagull
  Jeff Moy Jeff Koi
  Phil Moy Phil Koi
  Tom McCraw Tom Macaw
Tom McKaw

(a crow)
  Tom Peyer Tom Parrot
  Roger Stern Roger Tern
  Carmela Merlo Camela Merlo
  Keith Giffen Keith Griffin
  Mark Waid Mark Wade (a stork)
  Lee Moder Lee “Slime” Molder (not intended to be rude)
  Alan Davis Lion Davis
  Scott Kolins Scott Cowlins
  Chris Sprouse Chris Grouse
  W.C. Carani W.C. Cowrani
W.C. Cawrani

(a crow)
  Dan Abnett Dan AbGnat
  Andy Lanning Andy Llamaing
  Oliver Copriel Oliver Cawpriel
Oliver Oriole
(a crow)
  KC Carlson KC Cowlson
  Frank Berrios Frank Bearios


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Legion of Super-Furries

From a short feature in SFA Spotlight #5: Zebra Comics (from Shanda Fantasy Arts, drawn by Carl Gafford), published in May, 1999:

Members include Cosmic Cat, Saturn Squirrel, Lightning Bug, Monk-Ey, Ultra-Marine, Karate Kid, Dream Beaver, Colossal Boar, Polar Bear, Night Owl, Chameleon Chameleon, Shrinking Viaduck, and Star Fish.  Also mentioned is Stone Crab.

© 1999 Carl Gafford

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