Web Links to the 30th Century...

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There are an immense number of fan webpages dedicated to the Legion (and more all the time).  It’s not for nothing that Legion fans are widley considered the most active and loyal comic book fans around.

Here are a few of my favorite links...

Legion of Super-Resources

Legion of Super-Heroes Chronology

Legion of Super-Gamblers II

Legion of Super-Heroes Appearance Checklists

The Art of Jeff Moy

Bits O’ Legionnaire Business (Michael Grabois)

Chronological Appearances (Jeff Harvey)

Legion of Super-Heroes Art Gallery

Legion Chronology (Danny Yau)

Legion Outpost II e-zine (John Censullo)

Legion of Super-Heroes Custom Figures

LSH Page (Vernon Harmon)

Mission Monitor Board (Tony Pi)

Time Trapper’s Cross-time Legion of Super-Heroes Reference (Dan Williams)

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