Welcome to the 30th Century...


In these pages, you will find items relating to the Legion of Super-Heroes, the team of teenage superheroes operating in the 30th century milieu as published in various titles by DC Comics.

  • Frunt, an on-going analysis of the various appearances of the Legion in what is known as the “postboot” continuity (those issues following the restart of the Legion in late 1994, following DC Comics’ Zero Hour event).
  • Two photos of me in a custom-made Star Boy latex shirt.
  • A selection of images of Upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes items.
  • A list of proposed members for the Lotta Species Heroes, a Legion of Super-Heroes analogue for the 30th century of Earth-C- (“C-Minus”), from the Captain Carrot milieu.
  • “FutureShock, from a proposal sent to DC Comics in 1992 or so for a mini-series to be set a decade or more before the founding of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and featuring such characters as Sensei, Superwoman (Kristin Wells), and the Flash (Barry Allen).
  • A few of my favorite Legion of Super-Heroes Links.
  • Other materials as they come available...

Look!  It’s Cosmic Boy’s fortune!
Cosmic Boy's fortune


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