Star Boy and Justice’s Costumes: Separated at Birth?

Star Boy

Star Boy, from Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #100
Art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer
© DC Comics


Justice, from The Avengers v3 #19
Art by George Peréz and Al Vey
© Marvel Comics

On LSH-L, I said:

So I was reading Avengers #19 this morning and... when did Justice’s current outfit come around?  You know, the one with the white shirt, black chevron, and yellow star on the chest?

And I indicated that I thought that there was some definite design influence occuring between Star Boy and Justice, aided and abetted by the fact that I always found the Kingdom Come “masked” Starman outfit reminiscent of the one worn by Vance Astrovik in his Guardians of the Galaxy days.

Norman Wolf disagreed:

I don’t think it’s intentional.  It’s not that similar to anything Legion.

The designs are quite a bit different, and given that stars are in many uniforms, and black, white, and yellow are common colours in uniforms, the designs are not very similar.  The colours aren’t in the same place and proportions, for one thing.

But you decide.  No relation, just a coincidence, accidental swiping, or an inter-company joke?

(As a side note, I have observed that there are two distinct designs for Star Boy’s outfit.  One is the above one, where the points of the star overlap the white/black edge; in the other, the star is entirely within the black.  I saw some of Lee Moder’s model sheets, and even they were inconsistent on this point, as I recall.)

In the months since this page was originally posted, Justice changed his costume.  (Hmmm.)  Star Boy proceeded to leave the Legion in Legionnaires #81, and then less than two months later, Justice left the Avengers in Avengers #27.  (I repeat: hmm.)

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