Glossary of Terms


Events from the pre-Zero Hour continuity


Events from the current, post-Zero Hour continuity
Tongue Count Tracking of in-joke tongue appearances, mostly from artist Jeff Moy

Team 20

The group of Legionnaires trapped in the 20th century by the Emerald Eye: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Spark, Ultra Boy, Apparition, and Gates, plus Sgt. Shvaughn Erin and Inferno.  Also Triad, Ferro, and Koko.

Format Notes

The analysis of each issue of a Legion-family title is broken into two parts: “Character and Object Tracking” and “Analysis Notes.”

Character and Object Tracking

The Character and Object Tracking table is broken into sections for Heroes, Villains, Supporting Characters, Alien Races and Creatures, Locations, and Technology.  Within each of these areas are breakdowns for core characters (races, places, objects), prominent recurring characters (et al), named characters, and miscellaneous characters.  All characters (et al) are tracked for prior and successive appearances, except for miscellaneous characters which are deemed unlikely to recur or otherwise uninteresting for tracking purposes.

Core and prominently recurring characters are also tracked for cover appearances, in-panel appearances, speaking appearances, and “tongue counts”.  Where the speaker of a given line of dialogue is inferred from art and syntax clues, this is noted in the Analysis Notes for that panel.  If a character’s dialogue appears in a panel but the character does not physically appear (any identifiable body part is deemed as “physically appearing”), only a “Speaking” credit is counted.

Some characters change between being prominently recurring and core character roles, or may even change their Hero/Villain/Supporting Character status over time.  They will be listed in the pertinent section for the issue being analyzed.  (Exception: characters who are best known in a Hero or Villain role will be listed as such despite appearing in supporting character-type roles in flashbacks and the like.)

When tracking locations, specific locations presume larger ones.  (For example: Metropolis Spaceport assumes the presence of Metropolis and Earth, so they will not be listed unless also seen in a more general sense.)

Analysis Notes

The Analysis Notes table is broken down on a page and panel basis.  A left-column listing like “12:4” indicates “page 12, panel 4.”  An attempt has been made to translate Interlac phrases where possible, to identify potentially dangling subplots, and to compare the postboot continuity to the preboot, as well as more general analysis of the 30th century milieu.

Information Needed

At various places in the analyses will be found colored table cells containing references to comics with < and > brackets around the issue number (or where an issue number would be if one was included).  These are items in need of verification (if an issue number is included) or outright supplying. Many relate to issues I have simply not yet analyzed; your assistance in clarifying any of these items is most welcome.

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