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Welcome to FRUNT.  This online fanzine is intended to be a complete examination of the current version of the 30th and 31st century milieu depicted in DC Comics’ assorted Legion-family publications, especially Legion of Super-Heroes, Legionnaires, and The Legion.  This also includes such series as L.E.G.I.O.N. and Valor, 20th and 21st century appearances of Legionnaires, characters and alien races prominent in the Legion milieu which are seen in other eras (Durlans, Khunds, Gil’D, etc.), 30th century events which occur prior to the creation of the Legion, references to the Legion and its milieu, and even pertinent references to the Legion from non-DC Comics sources.

“Current version” means the state of the DC universe after the effects of both Crisis on Inifinte Earths and Zero Hour.  This primarily refers to events published after the summer of 1994, but includes events prior to Zero Hour which were not explicitly obviated by that series.  In particular, most post-Crisis 20th century Legion appearances need to still be valid but reinterpretted in light of Zero Hour.

Beyond such simple matters as tracking character appearances and compiling character biographies and plot summaries, FRUNT looks at the background details of the 30th/31st century and its denizens, as revealed through background artwork, dialogue, and subtle cross-continuity clues, enabling a clearer view than just a surface reading of the comics alone might provide.  It calls out the differences between the current version of the Legion and previous incarnations, and it will discuss assumptions and continuity changes and their potential repursucssions.

In particular, FRUNT examines seeming continuity inconsistencies and suggest explanations and resolutions for them.  In doing so, references will be made to events beyond the scope of the particular comic book being examined on the current page, often revealing “spoiler” details for stories occurring later in the continuity.  FRUNT is designed as a reference work, and thus is beyond the concerns of such “spoilers.”

Glossary, Notes, and Other Information

Corrections, comments, and alternate analyses of particular items are more than welcome.  Please send them to ciaopubs@earthlink.net.

Frunt is an anal-retentive creation of Jim Drew.  Characters and situations referred to herein appear in the “Legion of Super-Heroes” family of titles and are trademarks of DC Comics, Inc.  This is purely a reference work, and in no way should this be seen as an attempt to steal from DC Comics (or anyone else, for that matter).  All Legion characters and situations © and ™ DC Comics; characters and situations from other companies © and ™ the pertinent rights holders.  Design, format, and additional analysis © 1998-2003 Jim Drew.  Special thanks to the creators, the crew on various e-mail lists, and assorted web page creators.