The Authority #27

The Authority #27 cover


January 2002


“Brave New World: Two of Four”


Mark Millar (Words [Writer]) • Arthur Adams (Pencils) • Tim Townsend (Inks) • David Baron (Colors) • Bill O’Neil (Letters) • John Layman (Editor) • Arthur Adams / Tim Townsend / David Baron (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

2-5 The Authority has had a reputation for going up against variations on other superteams, including an evil version of the Avengers and a gender-swapped set of X-Men.  It was probably only a matter of time before they decided to off a version the Legion, too.  And while we’re at it, in the wake of September 11, let’s have buildings blowing up and Arabs.
2-3 Behind Rush’s (the winged woman) knee is a version of Elastic Lad.  Between her and the machine is an Ultra Boy clone, incorporating Native American fringe from Thunderbird (who was based on Ultra Boy) and with a helmet reminiscent of Ultraman.  The woman above him is a female Wildfire (based on the faceless helmet).  In front of the Machine is a three-headed girl, Triplicate Girl, and the boy with the magnets would be Cosmic Boy.  Below him is Sun Boy.
     Below Rush’s feet is a version of Ferro Lad, incorporating an Iron Man look.  Below the Machine’s feet is a version of Shadow Lass.  Below the Colonel’s leg is Princess Projectra.  Under the Surgeon’s hand are Porcupine Pete and Element Lad, turned into gold.  Street is diving toward a gender-swapped Bizarro version (and what would be more imperfect in a duplicate than the wrong sex?) of the gender-swapped Mon-El.
     In the background, attacking the building, are Dawnstar, Supergirl (in a costume and with a power effect a lot like Apollo, who is a version of Superman), Star Boy (with a star for a head), and Lightning Lad, plus Polar Boy making ice at the bottom (and wearing a Santa cap) and a dinosaur (Beast Boy?) destroying a car.
     Teuton is flying to attack a female Colossal Boy.  Floating behind her is a female Bouncing Boy.  Above her is presumably a male Phantom Girl (there being few other Legionnaires not accounted for).  Below is Chameleon Boy (holding an Arab), then Saturn Girl (with a ring around her huge head), and Superboy (again with the Apollo appearance).  And in the lower-right corner are Lightning Lass and the computer Brainiac 5.
     Below Teuton is Timber Wolf (looking a lot like Wolverine), Karate Kid, the gender-swapped Mon-El (Mon-Ellen?), and Matter-Eater Lad (eating a person).
     Shrinking Violet and Invisible Kid are notably missing from the tableau.  She appears in 3:5; he’s probably here somewhere, but we just can’t see him.  (I’m sure the Authority kills him, too, though.)
3:2-3 Colossal Girl, Bouncing Girl, and Phantom Boy.
3:4 Supergirl and Karate Kid.
3:5 Element Lad (by process of elimination), Elastic Lad, Wolverine, Porcupine Pete, Triplicate Girl, and Shrinking Violet (in a very small chair).
4:1 Superboy, Ferro Lad, Ultra Boy, Wildfire, Sun Boy, Supergirl, Lightning Lass, Star Boy, Bizarro Mon-Ellen, Saturn Girl, and Chameleon Boy.
The Surgeon is apparently based on Michel Foucault, noted post-modern philosopher.
4:2 Shadow Lass (miscolored, being eaten), Lightning Lad, Princess Projectra, Polar Boy (note the fur on the boots), and Beast Boy.
4:3 Dawnstar (miscolored, already chopped to bits), Brainiac 5, and Mon-Ellen.
Rush: based on Ann Murray, Shania Twain, k.d. lang, or Celine Dion?  Pick your favorite Canadian singer.
4:4 Cosmic Boy.