The Flash: Dead Heat

The Flash: Dead Heat cover


September 2000


Mark Waid (Writer) • Oscar Jimenez / Humberto Ramos (Pencillers) • José Marzan Jr. / Wayne Faucher (Inkers) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Gaspar Saladino / Chris Eliopoulos / Kevin Cunningham (Letters) • Ruben Diaz (Associate Editor / Original Series) • Alisande Morales (Assistant Editor / Original Series) • Bryan Augustyn (Editor / Original Series) • Michael Wright (Assistant Editor / Collected Edition) • Dale Crain (Editor / Collected Edition) • Oscar Jimenez / José Marzan Jr. / Patrick Martin (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

General This collected volume reprints The Flash #108-109, Impulse #10, The Flash #110, Impulse #11, and The Flash #111.  These featured the Flash’s battle against Savitar, and guest starred Impulse, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, and XS; Johnny Quick was absorbed into the Speed Force during the battle.
The cover art for this collection is the same as from The Flash #109, but slightly larger and recolored (with blur effects added and speed lines removed).  Particularly notable are that the logo position behind Wally’s head is identical, and Wally’s eyes are white on the collected volume’s cover, but blacked out in the original.