DC Universe (lithograph)

DC Universe (lithograph)     Insets of Legionnaires


May 22, 2000


Mike Deodato Jr. (Artist)


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Analysis Notes

General This poster features four members of the Legion — Cosmic Boy, Live Wire, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5 — among a couple dozen other DC heroes.  Deodato’s art is rather imprecise with the smaller, background characters at the bottom of the poster, such that several characters cannot be identified at all (which makes you wonder why they bothered to include them).
This was released as an “open” (non-limited) lithograph (18.5" x 26") through the Warner Bros. stores, priced at $95.  It has not yet been released as a regular DC poster.
Special thanks to the staff at the Warner Bros. store in the Ft. Lauderdale Galleria mall for providing the original “New Release Notice” for this piece, enabling the best possible scan.