Martian Manhunter #1,000,000

Martian Manhunter #1,000,000 cover  
Martian Manhunter #1,000,000 background graphic
Original background graphic from cover


November 1998


“The Abyss of Time”


John Ostrander (Writer) • Tom Mandrake (Artist) • Ken Lopez (Letters) • Carla Feeny (Colors) • Peter Tomasi (Editor) • Tom Mandrake / Pat Garrahy (Cover)


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Updates from Legion: Science Police #2
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Analysis Notes

Cover The background graphic was created by Pat Garrahy of Ojo Caliente Production Studios.  Their website labels this the “Martian Manhunter Mars” and says “Pat Garrahy’s personal favorite out of all the cover images.  Something about the color of Mars…”
8:3 J’Onn indicates that he “revealed” himself to the Legionnaires, indicating that he was hiding in another guise, perhaps one already known to the Legion.  An obvious answer there is R.J. Brande, whose mysterious past is hinted at in Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Files #2, who revealed strong telepathic powers in Legionnaires #51, and who the creative team admitted was intended to be a cover identity for an unspecified other person (although the story was never told, due to a change of creative teams).  However, J’Onn J’Onzz appears in Legion: Science Police #2 and Martian Manhunter #11, probably precluding any connection to Brande.
While J’Onn refers to dealing with the Legion of Super-Heroes in the “next millennium” (the one after his 20th/21st century adventures), no year is given.  The three presumed Legionnaires pictured cannot be firmly identified; the two face down ones appear to be Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl, but the costume designs do not quite match the current outfits.  (As just the simplest examples, these could be Pol Krinn and Jancel Ardeen, five or ten years down the line.)  Also, the lack of specificity of time means that the image displayed here may not be directly connected to when J’Onn revealed himself to the Legionnaires; it could occur at some later time.
15/16 The orange-clad character in the lower-right corner of page 15 might be a future version of Wildfire.