Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1,000,000

Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1,000,000 cover  
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #1,000,000 background graphic
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November 1998


“1,000 Years Later…”


In the 863rd century, some kids find a piece of paper with images of the Justice Legion L on it; they swear to keep it a secret, knowing that the adults will punish them otherwise.  When one is convinced it is evil and destroys it, it turns out to have been a containment rune holding the Wildflame.  In the 853rd century, the Superboy of the 843rd century was holding the United Planets together as mineral-eating monsters attacked again.  The Chameleon caught up to the Umbra, and took him to Titan, where they were confronted by Titangirl, turned villainous.  Implicate Girl defeated Titangirl, and the disaster was averted.  In the 863rd century, the kids’ were treated as delusional, and eventually released, but the Wildflame accompanied them for the rest of their lives.


Tom Peyer (Writer) • Keith Giffen (Penciller) • Al Gordon (Inker) • Tom McCraw (Colors) • Comicraft (Letters) • Frank Berrios (Assistant Editor) • Mike McAvennie (Editor) • Grant Morrison (“Time Trapper” [advisor / 853rd century creator]) • Pat Garrahy (Frontispiece) • Alan David / Mark Farmer / Pat Garrahy (Cover [David/Farmer assumed; unsigned])


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The Umbra Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
Implicate Girl Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
The M’Onelves Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Cosmicbot Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
The Chameleon
     (also appears as a Legiopod)
Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
Brainiac 417 Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
Wildflame (“Drake Burroughs”)
     (also appears as Wildfire)
Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashbacks to Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #7 and to 843rd century
Superboy (843rd century) (Cris Kend) Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
The Dreamer Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Gates (Ti’julk Mr’asz) Untrackable cameo appearance
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) Untrackable cameo appearance
Sister Andromeda (Laurel Gand) Untrackable cameo appearance
Chameleon (Reep Daggle) Untrackable cameo appearance
Sensor (Princess Jeka Wynzorr) Untrackable cameo appearance
Membrain In flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #7


Titangirl Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Also appears in flashback to Legionnaires #1,000,000
< > (Durlan) In flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #7

Supporting Characters

Vara None None to date
Dav None None to date
Chec None None to date
Baz (Dav’s father) None None to date
Chuck Taine Untrackable cameo appearance
One-shot or Untracked Characters:
     Dav’s mother
     assorted Titan citizens (footnote #1)
     unnamed doctor


Earth (843rd century) In flashback to 843rd century
Daxam-Imsk Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Colu-Bgztl Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Chameleon World Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Sol (853rd century) No appearance; mention only
Titan (853rd century) Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Legion Outpost (exterior) Untrackable cameo appearance
Common Center (interior) Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Earth-Tesseract 63060 None None to date
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     Dav’s home
     medical center

Alien Races and Creatures

Chameleons None None to date
Titanians (853rd century) Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
One-shot or Untracked Races:
     mineral-eating monsters (at least 5)


Tesseract Legionnaires #1,000,000 None to date
Legion flag Untrackable cameo appearance
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Containment Rune
     holographic art pad
     laser disintegrator
     United Planets field generators
     Unit 2-E
     medical transport ship

1. Actually, holographic images of Titan citizens.

Analysis Notes

Cover The background graphic was created by Pat Garrahy of Ojo Caliente Production Studios.  Their website labels this the “Legion Space” and says “Why can’t a nebula be green?”
1 Coloring error: the yellow and white to the right side would appear to be Titangirl, but she does not appear on the sheet in 2:2. This must have been intended to be a finger or a fold of cloth.
Notice the direct connection between The Umbra and Cosmicbot’s shadow.
Dav is holding the Containment Rune.  The dialogue is from Vara (since it is from Dav’s right side).
2 Aieee! Keith Giffen and the return of the nine-panel grid!
2:1 One of the hallmarks of the early days of Legion of Super-Heroes v4 was the use of uniforms for the character, most clearly seen on the Postcard set that was released.  The comments here reflect that somewhat.
2:2 Note the absence of Titangirl fro the image.  This is a clue to her being a villain.
2:4 The dialogue balloons are mispointed: the second one is from Dav, but points at Chec, and the third one should point at Chec, not Dav.
5:3 “Accelerate your vitals”: make your heart beat faster.
6 The scene in the lower right is from the 843rd century defense of Earth by Wildfire and Superboy seen in Legionnaires #1,000,000.
In 30th century continuity, ERG-1/Wildfire has not yet had any direct contact with Sister Andromeda, although the memory flashback could come from his earlier component selves — Atom’X and Blast-Off — having worked with her against Mordru.
Despite wearing a Legion flight ring, the Durlan seen here turned out to be a villain.
7 The planets seen here are half of Daxam-Imsk (upper left), Colu-Bgztl (center), and the Chameleon World (lower left).
8 The threat isn’t to the sun, per se, but to Superman-Prime who lives in the sun, due to a plot to kill him by Solaris and Vandal Savage, using the kryptonite Knight Fragment.  (See the DC One Million series.)
9:2-4 This scene replays the end of Legionnaires #1,000,000, but is drawn from a different angle.
11:1 They must have fetched the Dreamer back from wherever Umbra took her to safety in Legionnaires #1,000,000.
15:5 And the basis for the Chameleon’s knowledge of this was what?  Perhaps his very nature provided him extra insight into the multiple layers Titangirl was playing with.
17:1 All Titanians exist in a planet-wide nursing home, channeling their powers to create the paradise that the universe sees as Titan.
18:1 Huh?  If the field generators were not broken, then Titan would not have been leaving the United Planets, so there was no need for the machine hidden as a tree that the Chameleon showed to the Umbra.  Which means that the machine in the tree was also an illusion, and thus, um, Titangirl really wanted to be found out?
Coloring errors: these are actually Superboy and Brainiac 417, but are colored as the Umbra and the Chameleon.
20:1 That is Dav’s mother on the viewscreen.
20:3 So if Dav wakes up, he’ll be seeing his father upside down?  Weird medical setups they have there.
20:6 Heh.  Actually, this is one of the best lines to come out of comics in quite a while.
21:1 “63060” is the zip code for Lonedell, Missouri (as though that means anything)