JLA in Crisis Secret Files #1

JLA in <i>Crisis</i> Secret Files #1 cover


November 1998


Tom Peyer (Writer [presumed; uncredited on profiles]) • George Pérez / José Luis Garcia-Lopez / Frank Fosco / Kevin Maguire / Greg Luzniak / Paul Ryan / Stuart Immonen (Pencils) • José Luis Garcia-Lopez / Danny Miki / Karl Story / Dave Meikus / Norm Rapmund / José Marzan, Jr. (Inks) • Tom McCraw / Lee Loughridge (Colors) • Alisande Morales / Tony Bedard (Assistant Editor) • Dan Thorsland / Dan Raspler (Editor) • Rodolfo Damaggio / Robert Campanella / Digital Chameleon (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

1 This is a reprint of the cover to Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.  In addition to Supergirl, Colossal Boy is on the second tier on the right, and Brainiac 5 is directly below Supergirl’s chest.  (These are all preboot versions, of course.)
34-35 Validus appears in the crowd of villains on page 35.  Actually, several of the villains seen there are versions which no longer existed post-Crisis or didn’t appear on the scene until after Crisis on Infinite Earths in the current continuity.
From a Legion of Super-Heroes standpoint, though, two possible answers arise.  Possibly this actually is Validus, since little is known about the part (or future) of the postboot Validus; he/it could have been involved directly in Crisis on Infinite Earths without the attendant Legion hooks.  Or perhaps this should be chalked up to an art mistake, and this should be Chemo instead, a villain who actually was involved in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
36-37 The preboot Cosmic Boy was also somewhat involved with Legends, but only directly in the first issue.  His absence from this scene may be accidental, or it may reflect the post-Zero Hour status of the event.
38-39 The preboot Laurel Kent turned out to be a Manhunter robot (although how that could be in context of her being shot with a kryptonite bullet and then operated on remains a mystery).  Her appearances in the Millennium series itself are not necessarily preclude by the Zero Hour reboot of the Legion, although her 30th century adventures are.  In postboot terms, Laurel Kent may still be out there, or she may have been destroyed or defeated during the intervening millennium.
40-41 One of the Daxamites seen here is presumably Kel Gand, the father of Valor/M’Onel.
44-45 Lar Gand is seen in the upper-right corner of page 45.  <Was he involved in Armageddon 2001 at all?  In that costume?>
46-47 Eclipso’s first victim during this event was Lar Gand, whom he immobilized and draped himself over throughout the Eclipso: The Darkness Within series bookends and the summer annuals, earning Gand the epithet “The world’s most powerful bookend.”
The eclipsed Lar Gand is seen on page 46 above Wonder Woman, and the eclipsed Garyn Bek is between Wonder Woman and Nightwing.
48-49 “Bloodlines” produced the dearly remembered (not) character Jamm, who travelled to the 30th century and met the Legion.  In the postboot, presumably the time travel never happened, but Jamm is (or was) still out there in the 20th century.  (Heaven help us all.)
50-51 The preboot Saturn Girl is seen on page 51.  Zero Hour also featured other out-of-timeline characters in the form of Batgirl and Alpha Centurion, the latter of whom made it into the post-Zero Hour universe.  As well, the post-Crisis Superman has had time travel trips where he met members of the preboot Legion, and those memories have been shown to continue to exist in the post-Zero Hour universe.  Thus, the presence of the preboot Saturn Girl here is a mystery to the other characters, but not a continuity error.
52-53 Underworld Unleashed upgraded the Atom’s foe Chronos and set him against the Legion of Super-Heroes.  The primary effect of that was to move Lori Morning (the daughter of Chronos’ henchman Ron Morning) into the 30th century milieu.
This series also placed a curse on the Dox family line, such that Neron would collect the soul of Vril Dox’s descendant 1000 years in the future.  This even has not been seen, but the soulless nature of Brainiac 4 indicates that Neron may have already claimed his prize.
54-55 Ferro is seen on page 54.  Brainiac 5 is mentioned in the text on page 54.  And the “Team 20” group of Legionnaires are mentioned in the event timeline.
56-57 This image occurs during the fight in Genesis #3, while a small group (including Saturn Girl and Spark) is inside the Source.  Several Legionnaires are involved in this battle; they just are not pictured here.
58-59 The Justice Legion L — and 853rd century version of the Legion — was very tangentially involved in DC One Million.
63 Missing from this trip through the 853rd century solar system is The Lair, the asteroid belt-located headquarters of the Legion of Executive Familiars.  (It was not seen during DC One Million, though, and indeed has not been seen in the 853rd century proper at all.)