Comics Buyer’s Guide #1306
Comics Buyer#s Guide #1306 cover


November 27, 1998


Brian Douglas Ahern (Artist on “Bumpkin Buzz”) • Matt Brady / T. Campbell / KC Carlson (Writers of articles) • Paul Levitz (Guest Editorial) • Maggie Thompson (Editor) • Chris Sprouse / Al Gordon (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

Cover This art (in color) was later used for Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Files #2.
4 The guest editorial is from Paul Levitz, former Legion of Super-Heroes writer (and fan favorite), commenting on the Legion’s longevity.
24 Brian Douglas Ahern’s ’Bumpkin Buzz” was a weekly mainstay in Comics Buyer’s Guide for a several years, and he did a handful of Legion bits during that time. This particular strip refers to a photo session of costumed Legion fans from the 1997 Chicago Comic Con. The costumes were created by Leman Yuen; Leman was Gates, Sidne Gail Ward was Saturn Girl, <and the rest were?>.
Pity this wasn’t episode #247, though.
26-28 This article by Matt Brady dealt with the then-current state of the Legion, including some tidbits about future stories. The only item of note there is that the battle between Karate Kid and M’Onel occurred in Legion of Super-Heroes rather than Legionnaires.
28 T. Campbell’s article on Legion fandom makes at best passing mention of the Internet side of fandom, although the ’Cosmic Boy Death League” comes from such sources.
38-42 The first two pages of KC Carlson (at the time, just recently departed Legion editor) article are primarily a retrospective of the history and creators of the Legion up to his tenure. The last page details the post-Zero Hour ’reboot” (and claims that the term was not initially used by them for the subject; that is correct - I was the one who coined it, at least for the LSH-L mailing list).
KC’s final comment says ’I’m beginning to suspect [...] that the controversy over the ‘re-boot’ will soon be moot, anyway.” He was referring to the Legion’s declining sales, and perhaps even directly to the cancellation which would come a year later.
Sidebars to the article details high and low points of Carlson’s career at DC, and his part in the infamous ’Fortress Lad” story from Secret Origins.