Legion: Science Police #2
<I>Legion: Science Police</I> #2 cover


September 1998


“Ringers: Chapter 2”


After a Ringers training session, Driana Allon is called in to the director’s office to consult about an upcoming mission.  At Science Police headquarters, Officer Shadder meets with Hasteen, and then Saturn Girl also talks with the reporter.  Prior to the mission, Driana gets support from her boyfriend.  The mission, to sabotage an ocean floor mining ship, goes awry.  Things go from bad to worse went the tac-rings change the personalities of Driana and Klen, resulting in Klen’s death.  Back in Metropolis, Director Vyke makes plans to have Driana replaced.


David Michelinie (Writer) • Paul Ryan (Penciller) • Joe Rubinstein / Prentis Rollins (Inkers) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Pat Brosseau (Letterer) • Frank Berrios (Assistant [Editor]) • Mike McAvennie (Editor) • John Paul Leon / Bill Reinhold / Patrick Martin (Cover)


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Name revision from Legion Worlds #5 (story #1)
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Character and Object Tracking



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Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) (footnote #1) Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) Appears in untrackable flashback only
Klen Rokkart Legion: Science Police #1 None; dies this issue
Vincel Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
Shallee Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
Driana Allon Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
Martian Manhunter (J’Onn J’Onzz) Martian Manhunter #1,000,000 Martian Manhunter #11


Director Vyke < > < >
Shaar T’gari < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Villains:
assorted captured criminals (at least 1)

Supporting Characters

Officer Omar Magz < > < >
Wynn Allon No appearance; mention only
Marte Allon No appearance; mention only
Officer Jarik Shadder Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
< > Hasteen Legion: Science Police #1 Legion: Science Police #2
Lohn < > < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Characters:
unnamed Global Grace Foundation administrative assistant (footnote #2)
assorted Metropolis citizens
unnamed Science Police officers and personnel (at least 8)
unnamed Global Grace Foundation pilot
unnamed Shiroki Industries personnel (2)
unnamed Shiroki Industries guards (at least 7)


Ringers training room, Global Grace Foundation < > < >
Director Vyke’s office, Global Grace Foundation < > < >
Science Police headquarters (exterior and interior), Metropolis < > < >
Centennial Park, Metropolis < > < >
Metropolis < > < >
Pacific Ocean < > < >
Global Grace Foundation (exterior), Metropolis < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
detention center
conference room, Science Police headquarters
Tomorrow Light

Alien Races and Creatures

Durlan < > < >
Quothoni < > <Legionnaires #68>
“T’garii” (Shaar T’gari’s race) < > < >
“Alien Nationer” < > < >
“Shalleean” (Shallee’s race) < > < >
“Vincelli” (Vincel’s race) < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Races:


Tac-ring: teleportation gates Legion: Science Police #1 <Legion: Science Police #3>
Tac-ring: molecular decay Legion: Science Police #1 <Legion: Science Police #3>
Tac-ring: telekinetic solids Legion: Science Police #1 <Legion: Science Police #3>
Tac-ring: electronic interference Legion: Science Police #1 <Legion: Science Police #3>
Levitating furniture < > < >
Omnicom < > < >
Gravcars < > < >
Ringers ship < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
automated hover-tanks (4)
automated tread tanks (4)
Ringer action figures
force-field bridge
trench skimmer
thermal refraction approach suits
perimeter alarm mechanism
unspecified ocean mining control equipment
stun rifles
vita-scan medical systems

1. Appears only out of costume, working for the Science Police.

2. Despite the head personnel at the Global Grace Foundation being listed as Villains, the general workers — administrative assistants, pilots, etc. — are listed as Supporting Characters.


Analysis Notes

Cover The glowing grid lines here evoke the movie Tron.
General The Legion: Science Police series occurs during < >.
1 Dialogue is from Klen.
2/3:2 Klen’s ring is based on a faulty copy of Gates’ powers.  Gates always makes two portals, but Klen’s ring only makes one.  Gates presumably moves through a subspace of some sort; the dimensions (if that is an appropriate term) of such are unknown, and the indiscriminate use of Klen’s ring could impair Gates powers, or perhaps cause them to have unintentional effects (such as dropping things out of subspace which Klen dropped in).
2/3:5-6 Note that here you have the strength of the Legion put into sharp detail: they are not a strike force like the Ringers, who are intended primarily to cause damage.  The Legion (and other well put together teams) include a combination of offensive and defensive skills, enabling them to deal with a broad class of threats.
4:1 Vincel’s ring may be based on Coluan force-field technology.  Whether the ring is truly limited to force cylinders like this or if the limitation is on Vincel’s end is not known.  It is entirely possible that the Global Grace Foundation has only trained him in limited uses of the ring.
4:4 “Vincel” is remarkably close to “Vincent,” the leonine hero of the television show Beauty and the Beast, and Vincel bears a certain resemblance, too.
4:4-5 Sigh.  The old “Everybody else has such fabulous powers, but mine are so small and weak. I don’t belong here” schtick.  Expect Shallee to either die brutally or blossom fabulously.
5:5 That is Vincel’s chest.
5:6 The person summoning Driana is presumably just a random administrative assistant.
6:3 Of course, the corporation didn’t hire and train them to be “friends”; it wanted a strike force.  It’s not atypical of corporations to expect to mold a team without any connections being allowed to form between the members of the team.  Sure, the Global Grace Foundation claims to be non-corporate, but the evidence doesn’t bear that out.
6:4 No idea what the object Director Vyke is holding is supposed to be.  It could be the control to some sort of display device which Vyke was going to use to outline the mission, but we never see such a device.  (Perhaps this indicates a page of the story — maybe including actual artwork — which was cut?)
7:6 Semantics it is.  And how would those semantics work out if the Ringers were caught during an “assignment”?  “Hindering” quickly becomes “acting on their own initiative” and a total lack of any electronic “paper trail” to Director Vyke, much less proof of a payment from any corporation.
8:1 Omar Magz is the elder brother of Dyrk Magz, depowered former Legionnaire Magno.
8:2 Saturn Girl may be using the Science Police resources to do some research on the current Durlan situation at the time, which had Chameleon recalled to the planet to serve as the race’s religious leader.
That would appear to be J’Onn J’Onzz in the background.  In the preboot, J’Onzz was known to have survived the intervening millennium.  In Martian Manhunter #1,000,000 (published a few months after this story), we were told that at some point, J’Onzz “revealed” himself to the Legion, and in Martian Manhunter #11, the Legionnaires had already met him, so such “revelation” may have already occurred, in an as-yet untold story.  Thus, despite this appearance probably being intended as an in-joke, we will consider it to be valid.
9:1 Since they refer to each other by first names, Imra and Omar are probably of the same rank.
9:2 The alien in the lower-right is apparently a “Breather” (seen in several early postboot issues), but miscolored and without the cranial markings seen on others of the race.
9:5 Imra doesn’t usually pry like this.  This may imply that her stint with the Science Police here is not merely intended as a holding position to maintain Invisible Kid’s fallacy of a breakup in the Legion, but was a request by Commander Hagbard to help ferret out problems with inter-officer relations.
10:1 Centennial Park might date from the year 2900, but is likely to be more recent, commemorating the hundred year anniversary of some other event — perhaps the end of the World War VI?
10:2 Since J’Onn J’Onzz is the last Martian, the green-skinned child is probably from Shaar T’gari’s race, which we’ll call “T’garii”.
Also seen in this panel are an “Alien Nationer” child and a child of Shallee’s race (“Shalleean”).
Action figures (and “collectible” variants) of superheroes were produced throughout the 1990s, with more esoteric ones added for the fan market.
This creation of action figures and the seeking of autographs has all the hallmarks of a “created” phenomenon. Bet McCauley wishes he had thought of doing it with the WorkForce.  (Then again, maybe he has.
10:4 Note that this force-field bridge would minimize the construction impact on the environment.
11:1 This collage is a single panel.
Leviathan’s flight ring should be visible on his upraised fist.
11:2 Sounds like Driana has some definite personality problems here, having to try to equal her brother’s achievements.  (That’s probably why she was chosen by the Global Grace Foundation, in fact: they are using her, manipulating her via this weakness.)
11:4-5 The people in the foreground are from Vincel’s race.  It seems a bit heavy handed that the examples of the general populace we are being shown are primarily only the races of the characters in the series.
12:2 The ship’s pilot can be seen here.  He (or she) is mentioned again in 21:3.
Klen is fastening the back of Shallee’s suit — “Zip me up, would you?” — taking care to avoid the delicate wings.
12:4-13:2 But we’re not concerned enough about this to make a stink and jeopardize our jobs.
13:5 Left to right: Shallee, Klen, Driana, and Vincel.
14:1 We’ll assume this is the Pacific Ocean, perhaps over the Marianas Trench.
The energy beam may be tractoring mined materials to a storage ship in orbit.
15:1 Control boards courtesy of Star Trek.
15:4 As will be revealed in later issues, the rings’ manufacture involved super-powered criminals, and the anti-social traits of those criminals are being passed to the current ring bearers.  Whether this is a beyond-the-grave possession or the projection of a philosophy that some powers truly are evil is never made clear.
16:3 Klen must have been out of view of the guards initially.
“Shock ’em an’ lock ’em!”: the guards are carrying stun guns.  Knock them out and put them in the brig.
16:4 “Teens”?  The Ringers all appear to be adults, probably in their 20s.  (On the other hand, Driana did call herself “Leviathan’s kid sister” in 11:1.)  This does help explain why the four are so willing to so along with the sabotage, not having the life experience to make sound judgements in the matter.
16:7 Why would there be security bars inside the walls unless Shiroki was prepared against threats which could move through or destroy the walls?  Perhaps they have had problems with Bgztlian corporate espionage in the past?
17:2, 17:5 Klen and Driana’s speech patterns changed when the other personalities took over.
18:2 Klen’s ring source was a Vyrgan, so a spineworm maybe be a Vyrgan creature.
18:5-19:1 The black character who thinks he doesn’t need to follow the directions of the team leader rebels, his device-assisted power fails, and he is killed.  It’s Kid Quantum redux!
19:1 To quote from the Forrest Gump piece from Gerard Alessandrini’s Forbidden Hollywood, “Black sidekicks die first!”


Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) 6 / 3
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) 1 / 0
Klen Rokkart X 30 / 16
Vincel X 26 / 14
Shallee X 24 / 14
Driana Allon X 60 / 55
Martian Manhunter (J’Onn J’Onzz) 1 / 0
Director Vyke 16 / 16
Shaar T’gari 9 / 1
Supporting Characters
Officer Omar Magz 7 / 5
Officer Jarik Shadder 5 / 5
< > Hasteen 3 / 1
Lohn < >
7 / 3