Superman Villains Secret Files #1

Superman Villains Secret Files #1 cover


June 1998


“A child’s garden of Villainy”


Stuart Immonen (Story / Pencils) • José Marzan, Jr. (Inks) • Gaspar [Saladino] (Letters) • Tom McCraw (Colors) • Maureen McTigue (Assistant Editor) • Joey Cavalieri (Editor) • Dan Jurgens / Norm Rapmund / Patrick Martin (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

General The set of origins in this story are done in a style (art and writing) meant to emulate Winsor McCay’s classic strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland.”
12:5 This is a flashback to < >, the < > crossover in the Superman titles in which (among other things), Lar Gand was dubbed with the “Valor” codename.  The characters seen here are (front circle, top) Blue Beetle, Terminator, Fire, Kilowog, Captain Marvel, Rocket Red, Aquaman, Gangbuster, Booster Gold; (front circle, bottom) Valor, Flash III, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern IV (Guy Gardner); (second circle, top) < >, Starman V (Will Payton), < >, Guardian, < >; (second circle, bottom) <Dr. Fate (?)>, Big Barda, and Mr. Miracle.  (Other characters cannot be identified at all.)  Not all of these characters can fly, so this panel is presumably non-representational.