The Life Story of the Flash
The Life Story of the Flash cover (hardcover edition)


Hardcover: September 1997
Softcover: June 1999


Mark Waid / Brian Augustyn (Writers) • Gil Kane / Joe Staton / Tom Palmer (Artists) • Gaspar Saladino (Letterer) • Lovern Kindzierski (Colorist) • Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt (Assistant Editor) • Paul Kupperberg (Editor) • Eddie Ortiz (Publication Design) • Glen Orbik (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

Dates The listed dates are the actual release dates, rather than the traditional cover dating of two or three months ahead for magazine-form comics.
General The final chapter of this book, “Carrying the Torch,” ends up making little sense.  This is positioned as being Iris’ memoirs about Barry’s life and legacy, revealing information about him which is of only historical value in the 30th century, but which contains details about the future of Wally West and others.  The book was supposedly written prior to Iris’ departure from the 30th century, which occurred when Bart and Jenni were infants.  As a result, any information about Jenni’s future with the Legion was unknowable and should not be present.
     The answer to this dilemma, then, is that this book is a distillation of Iris’ 30th century work for a 20th or 21st century audience.  It strips out most details of Wally and Bart’s futures, and add information about Jenni which Iris gleaned from meting her granddaughter during the “Dead Heat” storyline.  As of three years (real time) following the initial publication of this book, all of the future items listed in the epilogue were either on the brink of occurring, or were known future details.
91 XS and the Tornado Twins are mentioned and appear on this page, but in non-continuity cameos.
94 This is presumably an image from the Cobalt Blue storyline, “Chain Lightning” (The Flash #147-150), although it doesn’t include all the speedsters involved in that, and John Fox is in the wrong costume.  Notable speedsters seen here include XS, Flash III, Impulse, Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash II, and John Fox.