Green Lantern v2 #99

Green Lantern #99 cover


June 1998


“Future Shock Part 2”
(Cover Title: “Future Shock!  Part 2 of 2” / “Green Lantern is Toast!  So, Who’s This?!”)


While Ganthet relates the history of the Green Lantern Corps to Cary Wren and his reasons for recruiting her, the Legionnaires on Earth plan to send a rescue team after the ones visiting the site of Oa.  When the rescue team arrives, they distract the Green Lantern Corps II members, allowing Cary to free the captive Legionanires.  The Legionnaires battle the Green Lanterns while XS, Cary, and Kyle stop the machine that powers their rings.  Back at Legion headquarters, Brainiac 5 sends Kyle back to the 20th century, but sends him a little too far back.  And in Paris, the secret of the stolen statue is revealed.

Only scenes in which Legion of Super-Heroes characters appear are dealt with here.


Ron Marz (Writer Lad) • Darryl Banks (Pencil Lad) • Terry Austin (Ink Boy) • Rob Schwager (Color Kid) • Chris Eliopoulos (Letter Lad) • Dana Kurtin (Associate Lass [Editor]) • Kevin Dooley (Editor Boy) • Darryl Banks / Terry Austin / Rob Schwager (Cover [assumed; unsigned])


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Star Boy (Thom Kallor) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo-Nah) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
XS (Jenni Ognats) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) Green Lantern v2 #98 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Green Lantern v2 #98 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101
Leviathan II (Salu Digby) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) Green Lantern v2 #98 <Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #101>
Green Lantern V (Cary Wren) Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
Green Lantern IV (Kyle Rayner) Green Lantern v2 #98 Next Legion appearance:
     Superboy v3 #65
Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan) In flashback to < >
Green Lantern Kilowog (footnote #1) In flashback to < >
Green Lantern Arisia In flashback to < >
Green Lantern Tomar Re In flashback to < >
Green Lantern <crystal> In flashback to < >
Donna Troy No appearance; mention only


Green Lantern Corps II:
     Tomar Ro (Xudarian)
     Flaay P’Kari (fur covered)
     Renno (mechanoid)
     Dalana Barr (female with blond hair)
     unnamed (female with covered mouth)
     Nytoro Borin (female with ponytail)
     Din Collus (human with metal faceplate)
     Sparak (insectoid)
Green Lantern v2 #98 (for all) None to date (for any)
Parallax (Hal Jordan) In flashback to Green Lantern v2 #< >

Supporting Characters

Ganthet Green Lantern v2 #98 None in Legion books
One-shot Characters:
     unnamed Guardians of the Universe (up to 8; at least 5 deceased)
     unnamed curator at the Louvre


Oa In untrackable flashback
unnamed alley, New London Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
Legion Headquarters < > < >
Mission monitor room, Legion headquarters < > < >
Oa II Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
Louvre, Paris Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
One-shot Locations:
     unnamed city on 20th century Earth

Alien Races and Creatures

One-shot or Untracked Creatures:
     Xudarian fish


False Green Lantern rings Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
Telepathic ear plugs Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
“Sorrow” statuette Green Lantern v2 #98 None to date
Time platform < > < >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Main Power Battery on Oa
     gravcars (at least two designs)
     Oa II’s energy siphon
     Rodin’s “The Thinker”
     unnamed other objects at the Louvre, many of Egyptian origin
     floating earrings

1. While members of various alien races appear in this issue, all are as sepcific characters — Kilowog, Tomar Ro, etc. — and thus the races are not tracked separately.

Analysis Notes

Cover Slightly inaccurate depiction, since Kyle’s costume is generated by his ring, which Cary is using here.
Credits The creative staff has given themselves names a lá the traditional Lad/Lass Legion codenames.  Of note is Schwager’s alias of “Color Kid,” who was an actual member of the preboot Legion of Substitute Heroes.
2:4 The old Green Lantern rings had a 24 hour charge. < Does the same hold true for Kyle’s?>
3:1 Dialogue captions count as Speaking.
4:1 As predicted in the analysis for Green Lantern v2 #97.
4:5 Who?  The Legionnaires, the Work Force, the Heroes of Lallor, the Uncanny Amazers,…
5:2 The reference to equipment failure echoes the communication problems that the United Planets had with Xanthu around this time, which were caused by the Dark Circle.
5:3 No apparent in-joke meaning to “8283:16”.
6:5 “Oh no…” seems like a bit of a harsh reaction to just seeing the Legionnaires in cages.
7:1 Hostages: presumably to extort money either from Brande of the United Planets.
7:3 Very clever idea.  With all the Guardian energy that was concentrated on Oa for so many millennia, it makes a certain amount of sense that such would affect the very time/space continuum around the planet, continuing for a while after the planet’s removal/destruction.
7:5 We’re visible because we’re idiots, in other words.
8:4 Credit this speech balloon to XS.
8:5 And since Saturn Girl came along on the second team, there should be no problem contacting the ship.
9:2 Spark should have paid more attention to the information back at Legion headquarters, which indicated that there were eight members of the 30th century Corps.  On the other hand, the odds of a second good Green Lantern showing up should be pretty small, given that there were none known in the 30th century just a few hours ago.
9:4 Cary definitely takes after Kyle, using the ring to create complex constructs (which reflect her own interests, to boot) to do the job, rather than the simpler ones Hal Jordan used to create.
Ultra Boy’s silhouette should be visible next to Spark’s.  Art error.
10:4 Gee, you would think Jenni was related to Impulse or something, the way she gets an idea in her head and runs with it.
11:3 “Donna” being Donna Troy, of course, and the hand-to-hand training originating with her training with the Titans of myth.
11:4 These are presumably a type of Xudarian fish rather than the Terran piranhas they resemble.
11:5 What harm?  Well, he already took out one of the ring-weilding Corps members.  And now you’re going to let him just wander around your ship, free?  Idiot.
12:2 Now here’s a Flash/Green Lantern team we might like to see more of.
13:3-4 Back before the President Chu “sting” (< >), there was a scene with Cosmic Boy looking at a view screen as Invisible Kid carried a visible object behind the person being viewed.  The same thing has surely occured here, probably in conjunction with telepathic contact through Saturn Girl.
13:5-6 Invisible Kid is speaking into his flight ring, and Ultra Boy is clearly wearing his.  They must have found where the Green Lantern Corps stashed the rings.
14-15 Saturn Girl isn’t faring well against Sparak.  Against a human opponent, she would use her telepathic skills to get the upper hand, but can’t/won’t against such an alien creature.
No Flaay P’Kari in the battle scene (although he does show up in 17:2, so he must just be out of view, like Apparition and Cosmic Boy are at the moment).
16:1 No such deadly team-ups have occured that we know of, but the “Chain Lightning” storyline in The Flash introduces a millennium of inheritors of the Flash mantle (and DC One Million invokes many more), so one certainly might at some point.
16:3 She can’t control it because she doesn’t believe she can control it.
17:2 Green Lantern ring constructs are made of energy, so it makes sense that they might be able to affect Apparition.
17:6 The old “push them over the back of someone crouched behind them” trick.
18:3 Ultra Boy and Apparition are on the left side of the panel.  The foot above Invisible Kid is miscolored as Ultra Boy’s, but must actually belong to Saturn Girl, Live Wire, or Spark.
18:4 Note that Cary’s earrings are floating.  Floating jewelry was introduced in the last few years of the preboot continuity, but this is the first we’ve seen of them in the postboot.
The shadowed Legionnaires are (left to right) Cosmic Boy, either Spark or Live Wire, Invisible Kid, and Ultra Boy.
18:5 It is worth noting that it’s entirely possible that Kyle’s “legacy” (child) has already been born in the 20th century, perhaps even from before Kyle was ever seen.
19:2 Again with the “illegal” bit.  We’ll presume that this should read something about time travel not being safe.
19:3, 21 Three potential reasons for Kyle going back too far come to mind: Brainiac 5 miscalibrated the time platform (unlikely), some kind of a time fluctuation affected the trip, or interference from an outside source, such as the Time Trapper.
20:4-6 Cue the dramatic music.
21-22 These pages are not tracked for this analysis, as they don’t involve the Legionnaires.

Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Star Boy (Thom Kallor) 3 / 4
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo-Nah) 5 / 0
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) X 7 / 0
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) X 16 / 10
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) 1 / 0
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) 20 / 11
XS (Jenni Ognats) 21 / 17
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) 6 / 2
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) X 8 / 1
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) 3 / 0
Leviathan II (Salu Digby) 3 / 0
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) 5 / 4
Green Lantern V (Cary Wren) X 33 / 25
Green Lantern IV (Kyle Rayner) X 24 / 23
Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan) 1 / 0
Green Lantern Kilowog 1 / 0
Green Lantern Arisia 1 / 0
Green Lantern Tomar Re 1 / 0
Green Lantern <crystal> 1 / 0
Green Lantern Corps II:
     Tomar Ro (Xudarian)
     Flaay P’Kari (fur covered)
     Renno (mechanoid)
     Dalana Barr (female with blond hair)
     unnamed (female with covered mouth)
     Nytoro Borin (female with ponytail)
     Din Collus (human with metal faceplate)
     Sparak (insectoid)




24 / 19
6 / 1
6 / 0
5 / 0
6 / 0
6 / 2
6 / 1
1 / 0
Parallax (Hal Jordan) 1 / 0
Supporting Characters
11 / 13