Speed Force #1
Speed Force #1 cover


November 1997


(untitled pinup)


Phil Jimenez (Art) • Craig Rosseau / John Dell / “Dre” (Cover)


Date of Change Content of Change
Notes updates to 36 and 37

Analysis Notes

36-37 This two-page spread features just about all of the super-speedsters in the DC hero pantheon, plus insets of various Flash supporting cast members.  The only notable absences are the Crash and the Whizzer, from Earth C-Minus’ Justa Lotta Animals and Just Some Animals hero teams.
36 Seen on this page (top to bottom, left to right): Johnny Quick (from the villainous Crime Syndicate of Qward), Don Allen of the Tornado Twins, <unknown threesome>, Barry Allen’s origin, the Cosmic Treadmill, several Speed Ninjas, Johnny Quick (from the All-Star Squadron), Speed Demon, Lady Flash, John Fox (from the 27th century, later from Justice Legion A in the 853rd century), Flash II (Barry Allen), Flash III (Wally West), Impulse (Bart Allen), <unknown woman>, Pied Piper (behind Impulse’s hand), Iris Allen, and Wonder Girl and Kid Flash (from their days in the original Teen Titans).
37 Seen on this page (top to bottom, left to right): Dawn Allen of the Tornado Twins, several Speed Metal robots, the three members of Kapitalist Kourier, Savitar, Professor Zoom, Flash IV (Iris West, the daughter of Wally West from the Kingdom Come future), Fastback (from the Zoo Crew of Earth-C), Doralla Kon of Alkomar (from Flash Comics #145, reprinted in #229),, Flash I (Jay Garrick, from the Justice Society of America), Jesse Quick (from the Titans), XS (Jenni Ognats, from the Legion of Super-Heroes), Liberty Belle (the estranged wife of Johnny Quick, also from the All-Star Squadron), Linda Park (Wally West’s fiancée), a Manhunter robot, Rudy West and Mary West (nee Rhodes) (Wally West’s parents), Chunk (Chester Runk), a Legion of Super-Heroes logo, and Max Mercury.
Note the red AIDS ribbon in Jimenez’ signature.  Phil is gay, and his lover Neal Pozner (former DC editor) die of AIDS.