Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #96

<I>Legion of Super-Heroes</I> v4 #96 cover


September 1997


“‘Til Death”
(Cover title: “Meeting of the Minds!”)


Spark has a nightmare which wakes up Saturn Girl.  Inferno leaves in a huff while everyone else is getting ready for Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy’s wedding.  Brainiac 5 and Veridium continue to work on a device to send the Legionnaires home.  Ultra Boy and Apparition are frustrated by their inability to touch.  Shvaughn Erin discovers that Saturn Girl has been manipulating Cosmic Boy like a puppet, and confronting her causes Saturn Girl’s subconscious to overlay Live Wire’s persona on top of Cosmic Boy, who then runs away with Spark until Saturn Girl mentally stops things.  After he is brought back to consciousness, Cosmic Boy vows to reunite Saturn Girl and Live Wire.  Meanwhile, Ultra Boy and Apparition have a reconciliation, and get married.


Tom Peyer (Co-Plotter / Scripter) • Tom McCraw (Co-Plotter / Colorist) • Lee Moder (Penciller) • Ron Boyd (Inker) • Pat Brosseau (Letterer) • Frank Berrios (Assoc[iate] Ed[itor]) • KC Carlson (“Always the Bridesmaid” [Editor]) • Alan Davis / Mark Farmer / Patrick Martin (Cover)


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Previous Appearance

Next Appearance


Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Appears in dream sequence and as a mental illusion only
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #3)
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn)
     (also appears as Live Wire)
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #3)
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #3)
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo (footnote #1)) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Genesis #1
Triad (Luornu Durgo) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #97
Gates (Ti’julk Mr’asz) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion: Secret Files #1 (story #3)
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Inferno (Sandy Anderson (footnote #2)) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Inferno #1
Iron Previous Legion appearance:
      Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95
Next Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Platinum Previous Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95
Next Legion appearance:
      Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Veridium (Dr. Will Magnus) Previous Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95
Next Legion appearance:
      Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Phase (Tinya Wazzo #2) < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #97
Officer Taptree Showcase ’96 #<12> Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #97


Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz) Appears in dream sequence only
Tommy the Swami No appearance; mention only
Dr. Psycho In flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #90

Supporting Characters

Koko Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Sgt. Shvaughn Erin Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Tiffany Cross Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #87 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #97
Dr. Kitty Faulkner Previous Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 <#91>
None in Legion books
Dr. Welles Midwich Previous Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<95>
None in Legion books
One-shot or Untracked Characters:
     unnamed de-aged elderly people (3; one is a minister)
     Karl Marx


Korbal Not directly seen; appears in dream sequence only
Spark’s quarters, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > None to date
Seaside entrance, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Atlantic Ocean Previous Legion appearance:
     < >
None in Legion books
Brainiac 5’s lab, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Apparition’s quarters, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > None to date
Main meeting room, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Mission Monitor room, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Happy Harbor, Rhode Island Previous Legion appearance:
     < >
Next Legion appearance:
      Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Airship bay, Team 20 Legion headquarters Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Cosmic Boy’s quarters, Team 20 Legion headquarters < > None to date
Time Needle, Happy Harbor Previous Legion appearance:
     < >
Next Legion appearance:
      Supergirl Annual v3 #2
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     unspecified location in deep space

Alien Races and Creatures

Lightning Beast of Korbal Appears in dream sequence only


Legion flight ring < > Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Omnicoms < > Supergirl Annual v3 #2
Responsometer (Veridium’s) Previous Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #< >
Next Legion appearance:
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Team 20 Legion airship Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #95 Superboy v3 #45
Captain Comet’s cruiser < > Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #98
Bgztlian Touchstone Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<87> Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #97
Legion medkit Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #91 None to date
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Spark’s “Electric Superman” nightshirt
     rented tuxedos
     assorted high tech computer equipment in Brainiac 5’s lab
     radio tower
     Mystery Science Theatre 3000 t-shirt

1. Henceforth, Tinya Wazzo-Nah.

2. Name unrevealed, but “Sandy Anderson” was given as her name in the first timeslip story (Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #92) and all the characters’ names were close to their real ones, so that will be used until a better name is supplied.


Analysis Notes

1 Technically, the apostrophe in the title should go the other direction.
You must be dreaming, since Garth doesn’t have a mechanical arm
Roll call images doe not count as panel appearances.
1-2 These captions count as dialogue for Spark.
2 The desired effect here is probably akin to the eroding rock pedestal in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Fantasia.
3:1 Ayla’s nightshirt is the chest logo for Superman in his “electric blue” persona.  Superheroes in the DC Universe probably have marketing agents — Mindy Mayer from Wonder Woman comes to mind — who deal with legal presentations of their logos; in fact, the Justice League members probably assign such rights as part of their membership.  (There are undoubtedly knockoffs aplenty, of course, but we’ll assume Ayla has an authorized logo shirt here.)  In Superman’s case, he would have the profits from his logo licensing donated to charity.
3:2 Comics readers are so used to seeing telepathic projections that we think of them as transparent.  They are actually mental illusions, it would seem, with Ayla thinking she actually sees Saturn Girl.
3:3 The fear of being unable to screen out others’ thoughts has always been big for Imra.  With her increased powers, it may well be even more of a problem.  Further, she may have a closer link with Ayla than with other Legionnaires due to her feelings for Garth.
3:5 Ayla may subconsciously project some of Garth’s relationship with Imra onto herself — what Garth likes, so does Garth’s twin.  In the preboot continuity, Ayla eventually came out as a lesbian; this could be seen as an indicator of such an eventual orientation.
4:2 Further, Inferno doesn’t want to be a Legionnaire.  (Or so she would say.  Odds are, though, that she really does want to belong and to associate with a peer group; hence her later appearances in Teen Titans #17 and Superboy v3 #65.)
“Fantasyland”: one of the themed regions of Disneyland.  Its main entrance is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and it includes the dreaded “It’s a Small World” ride.
4:3 Inferno has a point here, and Brainiac 5 would undoubtedly agree with her.
4:4 Cosmic Boy isn’t answering his ring summons because Saturn Girl isn’t keeping him active at the moment.
Triad: ever the organizer.  She will make a good choice for Legion leader at some point.
5:6 <Is this the first indication that Inferno can fly unaided?  (Why are all “fire” characters able to fly?)>
Good thing Ultra Boy was able to catch the ring.  The last thing we need is yet another Legion flight ring mucking up the temporal works.
This counts as an appearance for Inferno.
6 Veridium’s body and image count as panel appearances; his responsometer does not.
6:1 This is clearly the beginnings of C.O.M.P.U.T.O. on Brainy’s desk (although it will eventually require the addition of a Mother Box).  No retro “gas pump” look, alas.
6:3 Actually, Veridium took himself apart; he mailed his responsometer to Brainiac 5.  Iron and Platinum only brought along the robot body later.
6:4 What the Metal men actually “feel” is questionable anyway.
7:1 We can tell what Brainiac 5’s expression is from Koko’s.
7:2 Brainy’s “Free Zone” comment echoes back to Legionnaires #0 (among others), where the research facility where XS was being tested was supposed to be off limits to the Science Police.  There is definitely a story to be told here.
7:5 Included in that set of Omnicom’s is Shvaughn’s, from which C.O.M.P.U.T.O. will garner information about the Legionnaires (except for items which occur after this story, such as Spark’s power change).  Although she was using a 20th century computer to enter the information in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #94, there was presumably a subsequent transfer to the Omnicom’s more efficient memory systems.
7:6 Sliding doors don’t slam.
8:2 “Gee, Rocky.  Guess I don’t know my own strength!”  (Subtlety, thy name is Jo Nah.)
Note the sparseness of Tinya’s quarters.  A ghost doesn’t need much in the way of physical equipment.  (At least we’ll assume this is Tinya’s quarters.  It could be just an empty closet where someone left a lit lamp on the floor.)
The position and style of the lamp are reminiscent of Pixar’s computer-animated short film “Luxo, Jr.”
8:4 A look at what has occurred for Team 20 and the rest of the Legionnaires (an d the rest of the DC Universe) indicates that it has probably been at least a year since Tinya “died,” and maybe six months since she came back and Team 20 got sent to the 20th century.  So Tinya’s comments certainly do have some weight, in that it hasn’t been merely a few days that she has been a ghost.
8:5 Rushing into a teen wedding would seem to be a quick fix, not a real solution.
9:1 These are the lyrics to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and the following line (sung by Saturn Girl in 9:2) alludes to Rokk being still comatose, animated by Saturn Girl’s will.
While we see a similar bank of screens to what Cosmic Boy stands in front of in 9:5, these are probably mostly intended for receiving external media broadcasts and video conferencing calls, rather than local camera views.
9:2 Saturn Girl came through the ventilation shaft?  In that dress?
9:3 Terran tradition, actually.  But Braal was, by most accounts, settled by Terran colonists, probably with the help of Valor, so many Terran traditions would become Braalian.
An interesting tradition for Titan to have.  It presumably stems from the idea that physical contact and confirmation via all the senses is required in a society where so much can be done purely mentally.
9:5 We can see the silhouettes of three of the wedding guests on the screen next to Gates.  The screens above and to the lower-right of him are presumably views of Happy Harbor.
The top-right screen shows the same view as 11:3 (but a little earlier).
10:1 The blue machine here is the Team 20 Legion airship which Jo and Shvaughn were working on in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<93>.  According to the creators, it was created from one of the Blue Beetle’s discarded Bugs.
11:1 This ship belongs to Captain Comet.  It was loaned to Phases in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<94>.
11:2 “I’m a seasoned L.E.G.I.O.N. operative.  I’ve encountered Brainiac and been physically mutilated by Vril Dox himself!”
How the heck they are going to find her touchstone is unknown.  Perhaps Bgztlian’s have a mental connection to their individual touchstones?
11:3 The white man in the tuxedo and the black woman are presumably from the set of de-aged elderly people the minister mentions.  (Note that there were seven patients used by Brainiac 5 in Legionnaires #< >, but only three were seen again in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #< >; these are the same three.)
Coloring error: as seen in 12:6, the bookmark on the minister’s book should be red.
12:5 Tinya apparently didn’t feel any effect during the power discharge.
12:6 Based on her robes, she is probably an Episcopalian priest.  This does not necessarily indicate any particular religious leanings on the part of Rokk and Imra (or just Imra, since Rokk is really still comatose).  Rather, the de-aged elderly people undoubtedly said “If there’s anything we can ever do to thank you…,” and Imra called in a favor.
13 Shvaughn may have set the seeds which allowed Imra to break out of her situation on this page.  At the same time, though, it is likely that Imra psychically shut her up in 13:5.
13:3 This is a flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #90.
14:1 Note that they even got Brainiac 5 into a tuxedo, and to smile!
Coloring error: Brainy’s tux shirt should be pink, matching Jo, Rokk, and Andrew’s.
Platinum and Iron are not present at the wedding ceremony.  We should expect at least the emotional Platinum to want to be present, but maybe they feel out of place, associating with humans when they are human no longer.
Also notably absent from the wedding is Superman, who played an important role in the Legionnaires’ early days in the 20th century.  Perhaps Saturn Girl subconsciously did not invite those whom she would have difficulty “persuading” that the wedding was a good thing to do?
The woman standing in the maid-of-honor position is Dr. Kitty Faulkner, head of S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis.  She had allowed the Legionnaires to stay at S.T.A.R. Labs prior to their moving into the old JLA headquarters in Happy Harbor, and Saturn Girl helped her convince some congressmen to continue S.T.A.R. Labs financing.
The white-haired man (best man?) is Dr. Welles Midwich, who treated Rokk while he was comatose.
Human mating rituals according to Gates: “Not just decadent, but downright nonsensical.”
14:2 Based on the bookmark (and further verified in 24:4), the minister is reading out of the same book she had in 12:6.  Unfortunately, that was a Bible, but the marriage ceremony comes from a book of liturgy completely separate from the Bible.  Oops!
14:5 Kitty Faulkner was standing next to Imra in 14:2, but Ayla is there in this panel.  Imra may have mentally nudged her to move to the front of the room while she changed Rokk’s appearance.
15:1 Saturn Girl is fully controlling Rokk’s actions.  This indicates that all of Rokk’s actions for the past several issues were probably fully her approximation of Rokk, rather than just her nudging and guiding him along.
The silhouettes are Brainiac 5 and Koko, Kitty Faulkner, and the de-aged male guest.
15:5 If we didn’t know better, we might be prone to attribute this event to the machinations of the Time Trapper or Glorith or some similar entity.  As posited in 18:2, the event could be another “timeslip” story.  (This does lead to the serious consideration that Team 20’s trip back in time was guided by the Time Trapper.)
The silhouettes are Kitty Faulkner and the minister.
16:1 The minister doesn’t know, of course, but she’s trained to say things like that.
Coloring error: Jo’s tuxedo shirt should be pink.
The only identifiable silhouette is Ferro, to the far left.
16:2-3 Is Ultra Boy somehow able to sense Rokk/Garth’s magnetic power signature?  Maybe he is just seeing the collapse and able to react quicker than Triad, especially if he has his ultra-speed turned on.
16:4 Ultra Boy’s comment here predicts his (false) power change in Genesis #1.
Apparently Ferro’s rented tuxedo is rubble-proof, if not fireproof.
17:2 As other stories probing Imra’s past and Titan society have shown, telepaths (and especially ones as powerful as Imra) go through a lot of training to instill control in order to simply survive in a non-telepathic society.  This sort of heavily structured training and the Legion were the only things Imra had in her background, so she tried to create a familiar framework for her unconscious to train itself in.
17:4 Recall that when Imra and Shvaughn first encountered each other, it was in the Metropolis Science Police.  Despite her reluctance to being assigned as Legion liaison, Shvaughn probably always felt a certain amount of pride in Saturn Girl’s achievements as a fellow SP; Imra’s achievements would be in part due to her Science Police training.  Shvaughn presumably felt similarly toward Leviathan (perhaps even more so, since Imra had been merely a cadet, but Gim had been an experience peer of Shvaughn’s).
17:5-6 Unspoken here is that, confronted with the chance to actually return to the 30th century and her real structures, it is uncertain what Imra might have done.  Such a return would have brought forward the very real possibility of her subconscious manipulations being revealed and her structures forcibly brought down.
17:6 Note that “Garth” is dragging Spark along magnetically, rather than her flying with him via her flight ring (which she was seen to be wearing in 16:1).
18:2 This is the first indication that the Legionnaires recall their timeslip adventures.  The fact that they remember them outside the timeslip “pocket universe” is what leads to Brainiac 5’s hypothesis in Legionnaires #54 that they are being tested by some external entity.
If she believes that this is Garth, Ayla isn’t thinking clearly, since Garth wasn’t part of that timeslip.
18:4 Ayla is vaporizing the radio tower before it can fall to the street below.
18:5 In the preboot continuity, an unconscious Legionnaire would float via his/her flight ring rather than falling like this.  If that facility is present in the current rings, then in consciously breaking her hold on Rokk, Imra must have completely shut his mind off from external contact, including the ring.  Alternately, the flight ring might only maintain elevation if it was in active use when the user lost consciousness, and the power signature in 17:6 indicates that Rokk’s flight was done via his magnetic powers instead of his flight ring.
19:1 Shvaughn is at the top of the panel, holding Rokk’s shirt.
19:2-3 While Brainiac 5, Triad, and Shvaughn probably all have some degree of training, even to paramedic level, they are not medically trained.  Thus, it can be assumed that the procedures displayed here are essentially high-level first aid, the 30th century equivalent of CPR.
19:4 Dialogue balloons are from Dr. Midwich, Brainy, and Triad.
19:5 Dialogue balloons are from Brainy, Triad, and Shvaughn.
20:1 Ferro is crying again.  This willingness to express his emotions is one of many items pointing to him as possibly being gay.  (It may also point to him as rust-proof.)
20:2 Triad joined Team 20 at the end of Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #91.  Cosmic Boy’s lack of memory of her presence indicates that Imra was controlling him even during the timeslip story in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #92.
21:1 The shadows — Brainiac 5, Koko, and Shvaughn — count as panel appearances.
Given that Ultra Boy is not in the immediate vicinity and Brainiac 5’s shadow can be seen on the wall, the feet belong to Ferro.
21:3 “MST3K” is shorthand for “Mystery Science Theatre 3000,” a television show where a human and two robots watch bad science fiction and fantasy films and make snide comments about/to the film, a lá The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It also makes for an in-joke, since the Legionnaires are from near the year 3000.
22:1 Thus proving one again Cosmic Boy’s position as the heart and soul of the Legion.
22:4 It is unclear what the Space Needle-like tower in the background view of Happy Harbor is, but it was also seen in Supergirl Annual v3 #2.  For lack of a better name, we’ll call it the Time Needle, since that fits as both an East Coast counterpart to the Space Needle and as a focus for Brainiac 5’s temporal research.
In the preboot continuity, Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl faked a marriage in Adventure Comics #337, and were later seen married in the Adult Legion story in Adventure Comics #354-55, but they never actually got married in the main continuity: Tinya’s shuttle exploded on its way to their wedding, sending Jo into a years-long depression (and either Tinya or her identical cousin Enya was sent back in time to L.E.G.I.O.N. ’87 #9; the current postboot status of Phase is that she is a split-off half-Carggite body of Tinya’s).  Letting them get married in the postboot continuity, and in fact making theirs the first Legion marriage, seems to be a means of righting the cosmic balance of unfairness that the couple suffered in their previous existence.
LOC #1 “Psycho-Warrior” was the villain who made Superboy resign in Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #259.
Regarding the response to the Ahlquist letter, Imra’s adventure may not be forgotten, but it has been retconned into never having happened.  Same difference.
LOC #5 The reply to Baugher’s letter says “Only when she visits the seventies!”  Given that the first two timeslips were to the 1950s and the 1940s, this raised the real possibility of a “disco-era” timeslip eventually occurring, with all the funky Legion costuming that goes with that.  (We did eventually see a snippet of that era in the final timeslip, but not nearly enough!)

Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) X 7 / 0
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) 24 / 20
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn)
(also appears as Live Wire (footnote A))
X 31 / 13
11 / 9
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) 46 / 29
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) 21 / 15
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) 25 / 17
Ferro (Andrew Nolan) 12 / 3
Triad (Luornu Durgo) 14 / 14
Gates (Ti’julk Mr’asz) 13 / 7
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) 17 / 17
Inferno (Sandy Anderson) 8 / 4
Iron 6 / 5
Platinum 10 / 3
Veridium (Dr. Will Magnus) 7 / 2
Phase (Tinya Wazzo #2) 3 / 3
Officer Taptree 3 / 4
Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz) 4 / 0
Dr. Psycho 1 / 0
Supporting Characters
Koko 14 / 1
Sgt. Shvaughn Erin 30 / 26
Tiffany Cross 5 / 3
Dr. Kitty Faulkner 6 / 0
Dr. Welles Midwich
5 / 2

A. Since it is really Cosmic Boy in this issue, not Live Wire, the appearance gets tracked accordingly.