The Legion of Super-Heroes (poster)
The Legion of Super-Heroes (poster) cover




Stuart Immonen (Pencils) / Mark Farmer (Inks)


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Analysis Notes

General The event seen on this poster is (presumably) out of continuity.  The space-going Legion Outpost seen here was not in use until after “Team 20” returned to the 30th century, at which time the Fatal Five was imprisoned on Takron Galtos.  (Curiously, though, the 1997 date indicates this was released prior to the Outpost’s introduction.)  The next time the Fatal Five were seen, the Empress had become attached to the Emerald Eye, Brainiac 5 had become Brainiac 5.1, and Monstress was orange.  (Thunder had joined the team, too, but she was an leave in the 90th century at the time.)
Note that Validus has Invisible Kid in his grip.  In the preboot, Validus killed Invisible Kid.