The Final Night “calendar”

The Final Night “calendar” front cover

The Final Night “calendar” back cover


July 1996

(The Final Night #1 was dated November 1996, scheduled to arrive in stores on September 4.  Backdating six weeks gives the July date for this.)


Karl Kesel (Writer) • Stuart Immonen (Penciller) • Jose Marzan Jr. (Inker) • Lee Loughridge (Colorist) • Gaspar Saladino (Letterer) • Ali Morales (Assistant Editor) • Dan Thorsland (Editor) • Stuart Immonen / Jose Marzan Jr. (Cover)

(Credits are not given in this item, but are assumed to be the same as in The Final Night #1.)


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Analysis Notes

General This contains the exact same content as in The Final Night Preview, but with the addition of color, and it is presented at a larger size (about double).  The cover art was seen on The Final Night Preview and on The Final Night #1.
The text on the cover reads: “Retailer!  Take advantage of this unique promotional opportunity to drum up your customers’ excitement about DC’s Final Night miniseries.  Flip open this promotional display to “Final Night Week 6” and display it on your wall.  Flip to a new page each week, ending with “Final Night Week 1” just before September 4, when Final Night #1 will arrive in your store.”
This “calendar” was designed to be displayed one double-page spread per week over the course of six weeks prior to the first issue of The Final Night.  Each page thus represents a week of time, something not clear in The Final Night Preview.  The Team 20 Legionnaires appear on the final page.
Special thanks to Michael Grabois for providing this item.