The Flash #111

The Flash #111 cover


March 1996


“Dead Heat: Final Lap: Godspeed”
(Cover Title: “Run Down!”)


While the Flash races Savitar in an effort to keep him from killing Linda, Iris, and other important to Wally, XS pushed herself to the limit in order to deliver a message to Wally.  This helps him turn the tide and beat Savitar, but it isn’t Wally who returns from the Speed Force, but John Fox, the Flash from the 27th century, instead.

Only scenes involving Legion of Super-Heroes characters are dealt with here.


Mark Waid (Story) • Oscar Jimenez (Pencils) • José Marzan, Jr. (Inks) • Gaspar Saladino / Kevin Cunningham (Letterers) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Alisande Morales (Assistant Editor) • Brian Augustyn (Editor) • Oscar Jimenez / José Marzan, Jr. (Cover [assumed; unsigned])


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XS (Jenni Ognats) Impulse #11 The Flash #112
Flash III (Wally West) Impulse #11 The Flash #113
Next Legion appearance:
     The Flash #114
Flash I (Jay Garrick) The Flash #110 The Flash #112
Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers) The Flash #109 The Flash #112
Max Mercury (Max Crandall) Impulse #10 The Flash #112
Impulse (Bart Allen) Impulse #11 The Flash #112
John Fox (27th century Flash) The Flash Anniversary Special #1
Previous Legion appearance:
     None in Legion books
The Flash #112


Savitar None in Legion books None to date; absorbed by the Speed Force in this issue

Supporting Characters

Iris Allen Impulse #11 The Flash #112
Next Legion appearance:
     <Impulse #52>
Linda Park Impulse #11 The Flash #112
Next Legion appearance:
     < >


Max Crandall’s home, Manchester, Alabama Impulse #11 Impulse #12
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     unspecified areas near Manchester, Alaba


John Fox’s time gauntlets <The Flash Anniversary Special #1>
Previous Legion appearance:
     None in Legion books
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Analysis Notes

General Only pages 11:3-12 and 21-22 are tracked here.
11:4-5 If Wally weren’t running for his life, he would probably be impressed by Jenni, here.  Although she is pushing herself to the limit, she is probably running at least as fast (if not faster) than any of the other speedsters are capable of.
12:5 That’s got to hurt, taking a tumble at near light speed.  Her speed aura will cushion the blow quite a bit, but not totally.
21 Jesse Quick has presumably returned the flight ring she borrowed to XS by this point.
21:2 XS may have learned some injury metabolization from Max and thus her injured knee won’t trouble her for too long.
Iris is attempting to put antiseptic on Impulse’s forehead injury.
21:4 Johnny Quick was a peer of Jay’s; he was the active speedster in the All-Star Squadron, operating on the homefront in World War II.
21:5 It isn’t clear what “barrier” Max senses.  Presumably the barrier surrounding the Speed Force, or so he thinks, but in this case, it would appear to be the “barrier” between normal time and the timestream.  Perhaps they are similar things.
22 This is John Fox, the Flash of the 27th century, first seen in The Flash Anniversary Special #1.  He will later travel to the 853rd century and join the Justice Legion A.  He is wearing a pair of “time gauntlets” which allow him to travel through time; they were probably invented by the time researcher Vidar seen in that issue.
Reprints This issue was reprinted in The Flash: Dead Heat trade paperback collection.