The Flash #109

The Flash #109 cover


January 1996


“Dead Heat: Second Lap: A Swiftly Tilting Planet”
(Cover Title: “Left in the Dust!”)


Flash and the other speedsters reach Max Mercury’s house just in time for Wally to save Impulse and XS from Savitar’s Speed Ninjas.  While trying to learn more about Savitar, XS explains her relation to Barry Allen.  When Max arrives, having escaped from Savitar, XS gives her flight ring to Jesse Quick, to act as Wally’s backup.

Only scenes involving Legion of Super-Heroes characters are dealt with here.


Mark Waid (Story) • Oscar Jimenez (Pencils) • José Marzan, Jr. (Inks) • Gaspar Saladino (Letterer) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Alisande Morales (Asst. [Assistant] Editor) • Ruben Diaz [Assoc. [Associate] Editor) • Brian Augustyn (Editor) • Oscar Jimenez / José Marzan, Jr. (Cover)


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XS (Jenni Ognats) Impulse #9 Impulse #10
Flash III (Wally West) The Flash #108 The Flash #110
Impulse (Bart Allen) Impulse #9 Impulse #10
Tornado Twin (Dawn Allen) No appearance; mention only
Tornado Twin (Don Allen) No appearance; mention only
Flash II No appearance; mention only
Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers) The Flash #108 The Flash #111
Flash I (Jay Garrick) The Flash #108 Impulse #10
Max Mercury (Max Crandall) The Flash #108 Impulse #10


Speed Ninjas (4) Impulse #9 Impulse #10
Savitar No appearance; mention only

Supporting Characters

Iris Allen No appearance; mention only
Linda Park The Flash #108 Impulse #10


Max Crandall’s home, Manchester, Alabama Impulse #9 Impulse #11


Legion flight ring Impulse #9 The Flash #110
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Speed Ninja swords
     Max Mercury’s journal

Analysis Notes

General Only pages 1, 2:1, 5, 6:1-2, 17:4, 18:1, 19;1, and 21 are tracked here.
1 This page follows directly on the heels of Impulse #9.  All the speedsters who utilize the Speed Force have lost their powers, except for Wally and Savitar’s people.
1:Credits The subtitle of this issue, “A Swiftly Tilting Planet,” is from the book of the same name by Madeline L’Engle.  A sequel to A Wrinkle in Time, it involves Charles Wallace having to change history in order to preserve the future.
5:5 Bart was chronologically only two years old when he left the 30th century, and had been in a research lab for much of that time.  Jenni, as will be revealed in Impulse #25, was about the same age; she would have another few years with her mother before the Dominators killed them and evoked her powers.
14:2 “Twin tornadoes,” as opposed to “Tornado Twins.”
18:1 The silhouetted figures are Linda, Impulse, XS (behind Jay Garrick), and Jesse Quick.
19-20 The Comics Code Authority won’t allow red blood, so it ends up getting colored black or purple.  Like this fools anyone?
21:1 “From whom”, Wally.  Correct grammar, please!
21:2 The background for this panel is the Legion logo, as seen on the flight ring and Jenni’s belt.
22:3 Wally will be lending speed to Jesse as they go to the hospital.
Reprints This issue was reprinted in The Flash: Dead Heat trade paperback collection.