Legionnaires (t-shirt)

Legionnaires (t-shirt) Legionnaires (t-shirt) (detail)


1996 (assumed)


Jeffrey Moy (Penciller) • W.C. Carani (Inker)


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Analysis Notes

General The name assigned to this shirt may not be the formal one used in the solicitations.  The shirt was released by DC Comics.
At the time this shirt was solicited, Apparition was presumed to be dead.  In order to conceal her upcoming resurrection, the solicited art had her image removed from the overall picture.  (By the time the shirt was released, not only was she alive again, but Leviathan was dead and Kinetix was no longer “elf-lass”.  My, what good planning.)
As can be glimpsed in the photo, there is a small black Legion emblem on the right sleeve.