Legionnaires #22
Legionnaires #22 cover


February 1995


“Hard Time!”
(Cover Title: “Riot Act!”)


With Planet Hell in imminent danger of destruction, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Evolvo, and Invisible Kid set off to try to repair the power grid.  Bur Rac has the other Legionnaires and WorkForce members put in cells, and then follows the repair team.  In the heat and close quarters, tempers flare, and the convicts start fighting amongst themselves.  The repair team finds the equipment hopelessly damaged, but Invisible Kid has a radical solution.  When Saturn Girl and Bur Rac try to calm the convicts, his racist attitudes come through, and the convicts try to attack the repair team to get at Bur Rac.  At the last moment, Invisible Kid’s solution works, creating a force field that causes the sun to spit Planet Hell out, and he also uses it to quell the riot.


Tom Peyer (Writer) • Jeffrey Moy (Penciller) • Tom Simmons (Inker) • Pat Brosseau (Letterer) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Mike McAvennie (Asst. Ed. [Assistant Editor]) • KC Carlson (Warden [Editor]) • Tom McCraw / Mark Waid (Adult Legionnaires [Consulting Writers]) • Jeffrey Moy / “Dell” / Tom McCraw (Cover [Cover Inks credited to Tom Simmons, but are probably John Dell]) • Curtis King (Cover Editor)


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Character and Object Tracking



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Chameleon (Reep Daggle) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Triad (Luornu Durgo) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
XS (Jenni Ognats) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Karate Kid (Val Armorr) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Spider Girl (Sussa Pakka) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Evolvo (Sev Tcheru)
     (also appears in ape form)
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Inferno (Sandy Anderson (footnote #1)) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >


Bur Rac Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 None to date
One-shot or Untracked Villains:
     <Tusken Raider ape>
     assorted inmates of Planet Hell
     Boba Fett

Supporting Characters

Leland McCauley No appearance; mention only
One-shot or Untracked Characters:


Planet Hell Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Planet Hell courtyard Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
Coluan power grid chamber, Planet Hell Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 None to date
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     unnamed sun containing Planet Hell

Alien Races and Creatures

Brain Globes Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
“Alien Nationer” < > < >
Coluan No appearance; mention only
“Gigerian” Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 < >


Solar protection eye goggles Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 None to date
Coluan power grid Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 None to date
Jetpacks Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 None to date (footnote #1)
Force-field prison cells Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 < >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     assorted energy weapons
     power gauge
     Nova™ polymorphic fruit snack

1. Name unrevealed, but “Sandy Anderson” was given as her name in the first timeslip story (Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #92) and all the characters’ names were close to their real ones, so that will be used until a better name is supplied.

2. Jetpacks of a similar appearance are in the timeslip story in Legionnaires #< >, but those are tracked separately.


Analysis Notes

Cover During the story, Saturn Girl is not involved in the melee; it only occurs after she, Brainy, Lyle, and Evolvo leave the courtyard.
General All the scenes taking place on Planet Hell have washed out colors and very little in terms of shadows, an intentional decision to emphasize the pervasive ambient light from being in the center of a sun.  When it emerges from the sun, standard coloring resumes.
1 Roll call images do no count as panel appearances.
Chameleon’s roll call panel here would seem to indicate that Durlan’s are not topologically consistent, able to create and remove holes from their bodies at will.
Invisible Kid is presumably present, but invisible.
The majority of the races these convicts are from have not been seen outside this story.  The primary exception are the Brain Globes (from Gil’D rather than the preboot Rambat).
The creature in the upper-left, which looks like a gorilla with a “Tusken Raider” head, is based on < >.
2:1 Live Wire is behind Bur Rac.
2:3 The skull patterning of the second character in the panel echoes that of the characters on Alien Nation, so we’ll call this race “Alien Nationer” (although the facial structure is definitely non-human).
2:4-5 Coloring error: Ultra Boy’s shirt is orange.
2:5 Coloring error between Brainy’s balloons.
3:2-3 Since Brainiac 5’s “quiz” turns out to be gibberish, it isn’t quite clear what the point of this was.  Perhaps merely Brainy’s way of demonstrating that he is in control of the situation, wanting Lyle to have to suck up to him a little.
3:4 Brainiac 5’s past experience, and especially as it comes to his age peers, is that people neither understand him nor have the desire to understand him, preferring to treat him a a child.  His reactions are thus geared to counter such attitudes.
4:3 Invisible Kid has displayed signs of a fear of heights in < > and < >.
4:4 Evolvo comes across in the same class as too many fans: very focused and almost unaware that they go on and on.
5:5 Or perhaps so Saturn Girl could then do a broadband broadcast that Brainy has stopped working, in order to get the convicts to behave.
7:2 Possibly Garth feels it inside him differently from how Ayla does?
8:3-4 The convict guarding Jenni and Val hears the “tzzk” from Val touching the field, but Val has tucked his arms behind his back by the time the guard turns around.
8:3 Coloring error at the top of the panel, between the word balloons.
Note that Karate Kid’s comments here are not quite in conflict with his later statements when he joins the Legion: he is using McCauley’s services for travel and training, but not spending any of the money he is actually paid.
8:4 Karate Kid’s ability to find and use weak spots in structures was established in the preboot, but here it comes across almost as a super power.
9 Mere coincidence that the Legionnaire with the biggest problem with Durlans is also the one who got confined with one?  Maybe not: when the convicts were pairing the heroes up, if Gim showed reluctance to be with Cham, they may have forced the issue out of cruelty.
9:2 Chameleon is probably well on his way to learning Interlac at this point (if not already there).  In the event that the Legionnaires do get out of this, he can’t blow his cover; if they don’t get out of it, nothing would be gained by revealing things to Gim.
9:4 Gim’s power may result in a fast energy drain for him, not unlike Wally West had for a while with his powers as the Flash (but less severe).
Coloring error: the edges of Gim’s goggles should be white.
9:6 “Polymorphic”?  Perhaps this indicates that it is viable for a wide range of digestive systems?
10:2-3 Rokk isn’t concerned about her invading the privacy of others, but that the convicts may notice her absence — or her freedom — and take reprisals.
11:1 The top row of this page counts as a single panel.
11:5 Note Boba Fett in the upper-right corner.
12:1 R2-D2 is in the background of the panel.
12:5 Coloring error: the edges of Lyle’s goggles should be white.
13:1-4 Inferno does have a point here: split up, Triad takes three time the space, breathes three times the air, and taxes the cooling system three times as much.
14:3 Coloring error: the shadowed portions of Saturn Girl’s outfit are far too dark.
16:5 The third telepathy balloon is from Saturn Girl; the others are from Bur Rac.
16:6 Um, down what tunnel?  Bur Rac said there was no access to the Coluan power grid controls; the Legionnaires had to fly to a location and blast through the cavern wall to get to it in Legionnaires #21.  They used jetpacks to get to it again this issue, and even Bur Rac had one on in 12:3.  The convicts must know where the Coluan power grid cavern is and intend to smash through the wall to get to Bur Rac; the Legion couldn’t take that route initially due to the damage it would have caused to the sensitive equipment beyond, but the convicts don’t care about that.
17:2 Off-panel dialogue is from Saturn Girl.
17:3 Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 have both since developed such abilities.
18 The insets of the power gauge count as panels.
18:7 Note Brainiac 5’s observational body language, versus the more worried poses of the other characters.
20:3 Wonderful dialogue from Bur Rac in this panel.
20:5 This is early in Saturn Girl’s career.  As she gets more experienced, she will be able to affect multiple targets at once.
21:1 Note what occurs here: Invisible Kid has adapted the Coluan force shield technology into a localized force field.  After Invisible Kid takes Brainy’s Valorium experiment castoff and creates the Legion flight rings, Brainiac 5 will proceed to further refine Lyle’s work here into his force-field belt.  The two make a good pair, prompting each other to greater feats via competition.
21:3 Ultra Boy is fighting a “Gigerian”; the one seen in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 was black rather than green, however.
22:5 Ultra Boy is still trying to get Spider Girl to talk to him again after Apparition’s interruption.
Tongue Count Triad (1), Spark (6:5), XS (21:3 [twice])
General This issue was reprinted in the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow trade paperback collection.


Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Chameleon (Reep Daggle) 9 / 5
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) 8 / 4
Triad (Luornu Durgo) 11 / 5
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) 10 / 6
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) 16 / 10
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) 36 / 30
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) X 38 / 20
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) 16 / 5
XS (Jenni Ognats) 12 / 7
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) 19 / 17
Karate Kid (Val Armorr) X 15 / 8
Spider Girl (Sussa Pakka) 10 / 3
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) X 10 / 0
Evolvo (Sev Tcheru)
     (also appears in ape form)
25 / 12
5 / 5
Inferno (Sandy Anderson) X 7 / 3
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz)
23 / 10
Warden Bur Rac
28 / 17