Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65 cover


February 1995


(Cover Title: “No Escape from Planet Hell!”)


As ships land in the Planet Hell courtyard, the prison cells open and the convicts dash for the ships with only a handful of Legionnaires standing in their way.  Leviathan destroys all the ships, even the Legion’s own, to prevent the convicts’ escape.  The team sent to repair the power grid digs its way out and joins in the fight, as does the WorkForce, having trailed the ships to Planet Hell.  When the electromagnetic gateway tunnel access to Planet Hell collapses, trapping everyone in the prison with only hours to live, Bur Rac and the convicts decide to make sure the Legion and the WorkForce go first.


Mark Waid / Tom McCraw (Story) • Lee Moder / Ron Boyd (Artists [Penciller and Inker]) • Tom McCraw (Colorist) • Bob Pinaha (Letters) • Mike McAvennie (Assists [Assistant Editor]) • KC Carlson (Editor) • Tom Peyer (“Plot-Assist Boy” [Consulting Writer]) • Lee Moder / Ron Boyd (Cover [assumed; unsigned])


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Character and Object Tracking



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Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Triad (Luornu Durgo) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
XS (Jenni Ognats) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Chameleon (Reep Daggle) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Karate Kid (Val Armorr) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Spider Girl (Sussa Pakka) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Inferno (Sandy Anderson (footnote #1)) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Evolvo (Sev Tcheru) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22


Bur Rac Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Roxxas None < >
Caress (Chi Tsan) None None to date
Titanor Legionnaires #57 None to date
Bandarkat None None None to date
One-shot or Untracked Villains:
     <Tusken Raider> ape
     assorted inmates of Planet Hell
     unnamed White Triangle pilots (2)

Supporting Characters

Leland McCauley (voice only) Legionnaires #21 < >


Asteroid 42464-ST No appearance; mention only
Prison courtyard, Planet Hell Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     Warden’s office, Planet Hell

Alien Races and Creatures

Brain Globes (footnote #2) None Legionnaires #22
Korugarian Legionnaires #20 < >
Athramites No appearance; mention only
Sklarian Legionnaires #19 Legionnaires #<48>
Bismolt (footnote #3) None None to date


Jetpacks Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Force-field prison cells Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
Solar protection goggles Legionnaires #21 Legionnaires #22
White Triangle ships Legionnaires #21 None; destroyed this issue
Legion cruiser (Mark-459) Legionnaires #21 < > (footnote #4)
WorkForce ship (Mark-459) None None; destroyed this issue
Floating holoscreen projector Legionnaires #21 < >
Omnicom Legionnaires #21 < >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     holographic communicator
     electromagnetic gateway tunnel

1. Name unrevealed, but “Sandy Anderson” was given as her name in the first timeslip story (Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #92) and all the characters’ names were close to their real ones, so that will be used until a better name is supplied.

2. In the preboot, they were from Rambat.  In the postboot, they are from Gil’D.

3. General Bismolt are tracked separately from Tenzil Kem.

4. This one was destroyed in this issue, but the cruisers are tracked as a class, since it is hard to tell one from another.


Analysis Notes

Cover Bandarkat’s paw can be seen on the left side of the cover.  None of the other arms are identifiable.
General All the scenes taking place on Planet Hell have washed out colors and very little in terms of shadows, an intentional decision to emphasize the pervasive ambient light from being in the center of a sun.
1:2 Credit the dialogue to Invisible Kid.  (Triad would say “Blessed Trinity,” not “My God!”)
2/3 Roll call images do not count as panel appearances.
The hairy creature with the bandage-swathed head is based on < >.  The woman next to it is Caress, a woman who emits acid from her hands; in the preboot, Caress joined the second version of the Fatal Five (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #27).  The floating brains are Brain Globes, from the planet Gil’D.  The shirtless man with the facial tattoo is Titanor.  The pink woman is presumably Korugarian (somewhat lighter colored due to the bright light), and the feline behind her is Bandarkat.
The amoeba (far right) reappears in 14:1.  The green bat is in 8:2.  The red demon (middle of page 2) is in 11:4-5.  The orange character with the beak (background of page 2) is in 16:4.  The pointy-haired boss (far left) is in 16:2.  The one with the X-shaped antennae is in 20:1.
4:1 That is Titanor in the lead.
4:2 Yeah, they could have just used their jetpacks, couldn’t they?  Later on, once the flight rings are invented and become second nature, this would not have been a problem.
Invisible Kid is scared of heights.  He is yelling as much from fear as surprise at being snatched up by Leviathan.
5:1 In both Legionnaires #21 and Legionnaires #22, this was an apparently vertical shaft.  Jenni is fast enough, though, to run up sheer surfaces; her grandfather could, after all.
Eventually, Jenni will learn how to add speed to things, although whether that will really boost things which don’t deal with friction (like the jetpacks) is uncertain.
6:1 It isn’t clear whether Ayla’s “Magnet Boy” is an attempt at a nickname or uncertainty on her part as to what all her teammates’ codenames are; this is her first mission, after all.
6:4 Knowing the Athramites, the jetpacks were designed as much to be fashionable as functional.
Credit the off-panel dialogue to Spark.
7:1 They are also White Triangle-funded.
7:2, 7:4 This is the first evidence of Invisible Kid being able to extend his powers beyond his immediate body and clothing (besides his hand appearing before the rest of his body in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62).  He’ll later do the trick with the outside of his body and with entire other people.
7:3 Interlac translation: there appears to be some lettering on the side of the ship.  If the letters are Interlac (doubtful), they are “ka”.
The “forbidden asteroid” is Asteroid 42464-ST, a storehouse of forbidden weaponry.
8:1 Is there truly no other solution than to trap the Legionnaires with the convicts, dooming them to die if Brainy can’t fix things?  Surely there are simple ways to disable the ships — pull their spark plugs or something like that.
Although Leviathan’s dialog indicates that the gold ship is the Legion’s stargater, this is the main White Triangle ship, as seen more clearly in 11:1.
The sharp-cornered lump on Leviathan’s back might be his jetpack, although it should have been shed when he grew.  Probably just a minor art error.
8:2 Coloring error: while the pink coloration on white parts of costumes is meant to indicate the bright light from the red sun surrounding Planet Hell, it is a bit haphazardly placed here, especially on Triad’s outfits.
9:2 See notes in the analysis of Legionnaires #21 about the doubtful nature of the “five years” figure.
9:3 This must be Roxxas that Bur Rac is communicating with.  Roderick Doyle is in prison.  The broken communications with Leland McCauley in 12:2 could indicate that this is McCauley, but there is no other evidence to link him with the White Triangle.  McCauley is unethical, yes, but not evil.
Note that Roxxas is commenting that communication difficulties have stymied rapid advancement of his plans.  This fits in with various other communication burps throughout the postboot relating to Planet Hell, Xanthu, and Titan.  The United Planets has hopefully improved interplanetary communications, making the White Triangle’s problems that much more ironic: the very thing that advances their cause is what they are opposed to.
9:4 Bur Rac is hearing Leviathan smashing the ships.  So much for the imminent exodus.
10:1-2 The brown-skinned character may be a miscolored Titanor, but because he reappears several times in the story, we will assume he is a different shirtless man.  (Such would definitely seem to be the case from page 23.)
10:2 Titanor’s thigh is seen in this panel.
10:3 This does not count as a panel appearance for Invisible Kid
10:5 One of the weaknesses of the preboot Lyle Norg’s serum was that it only made him invisible, not otherwise untrackable; it reacted better with Jacques Foccart.  Here and in a later conflict with the Fatal Five, we see the same weakness for the postboot serum.
11:1 Credit the dialogue to Triad.
11:3-4 She does a similar trick with pain in Legionnaires #22.  Her powers will eventually expand past this being a single-target ability.
12:1 Triad’s legs are in the foreground.
12:2 Inferno and maybe Live Wire could be expected to deal with the light somewhat better than the others.
12:4 This does not count as a speaking appearance for Leland McCauley.
13:3 McCauley won’t be happy about that.  He’ll bill Brande for a new ship, no doubt.
13:4 Caress is behind Ultra Boy.
14:3 Coloring errors: Caress’ shirt has mysteriously disappeared, and the brown-skinned being has spikes on his head, marking him as the red-skinned one in 14:1, while the red-skinned one here was the brown-skinned one in 14:1.
14:1-3 Titanor is in all three panels.
14:4 Spider Girl seems distinctly unhappy to have been rescued.  Mostly, this is because she expected to have Ultra Boy jump when she called, but also, McCauley has probably drilled into the WorkForce members how superior they are to the Legionnaires, so it would really gall Spider Girl to have to be rescued by one of them.
15:1 Titanian, actually.  The Brain Globes must not differentiate being from a planet and its moon.
15:5 There is the spike-headed fellow from 14:3 again, wrapped up in whatever Rokk controlled in that earlier panel.
16:1 Durlan translation: “Yeow!” one would presume.
Inferno burned someone to death in Legionnaires #21.  Since we see her flames continuing in 16:3 and 17:2, this is probably another death at her hands.
16:3 Triad and Inferno get locked up together in Legionnaires #22.  This scene may explain some of Inferno’s animosity toward Triad (but most of it is her animosity toward everyone).
17:1 This convict is apparently a Sklarian.
And Tinya will continue to protect the dense ones, even after she “dies”: “Be tough, Jo.”
17:4-18:1 This convict is wearing some sort of mouthpiece or bit gag.  Perhaps he is from Bismoll?
18:2 Brainy ignores things; he is not ignorant of them.
18:3 As seen with Nara Minsork in < >, facial tattoos are a mark of Titanian criminals.
18:4 This counts as an appearance for Spider Girl.
18:5 Further proof that Imra’s powers will grow over time.  (On the other hand, Titanor has obviously rejected some of the traditional controls imposed on Titanian telepaths, one of which might be to limit the sphere on influence.  Thus only once Dr. Psycho breaks Imra’s training will she be able to access this broader spectrum of powers.)
19:1 XS and Karate Kid will be locked up together in Legionnaires #22.
19:2 This is the only time Evolvo has displayed telekinesis.  Given that he missed Titanor, he may not have much control over the ability, and it may be difficult for him to use at all.
19:4 All Planet Hell is breaking loose.
20:3 The WorkForce ship was also a Mark-459 cruiser.
22:3 Tinya looks just a bit too happy here.
Chameleon is still peeved at Inferno from 16:1.
23 Titanor is either in the lower left or the upper right.  None of the other convicts can be clearly identified.


Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) 18 / 11
Triad (Luornu Durgo) 15 / 7
XS (Jenni Ognats) 21 / 9
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) 16 / 6
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) 21 / 11
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) X 13 / 4
Chameleon (Reep Daggle) 7 / 1
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) X 8 / 4
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) X 15 / 8
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) X 13 / 9
Karate Kid (Val Armorr) 8 / 2
Spider Girl (Sussa Pakka) 12 / 6
Inferno (Sandy Anderson) 7 / 2
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) 9 / 7
Evolvo (Sev Tcheru) 8 / 3
  13 / 7
Bur Rac 8 / 8
Caress (Chi Tsan) 4 / 2
Titanor 11 / 6
Bandarkat X 6 / 3
2 / 2
Supporting Characters
Leland McCauley (voice only)
0 / 1