Blood Pack #1

Blood Pack #1 cover


March 1995


“All Shook Up: Episode One”


Charles Moore (Writer) • Christopher Taylor (Pencils) • Andy Lanning (Inker) • Scott Baumann (Colors) • Chris Eliopoulos (Letters) • Eddie Berganza (Executive Producer [Editor]) • Christopher Taylor / Andy Lanning (Cover)


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Analysis Notes

Credits Eddie Berganza is listed as “Executive Producer” because the Blood Pack series was supposed to involve the filming of a television show featuring the characters, sort of a superhero version of The Real World.
8:1 There is a Legion “poster book” on the table (although no such item was ever published, alas), along with a copy of Comics Buyer’s Guide, a hardcover of The Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told, and a copy of Mark Nemesis (whatever that is).  Chris Taylor (who had also drawn issues of Legionnaires prior to Zero Hour) enjoyed putting these “Easter Eggs” in his work; perhaps the oddest of them in 7:1, with the “R” on the wall behind Sparx, which is part of a Bear Magazine (gay porn) bumper sticker.