Legionnaires #19

Legionnaires #19 cover


November 1994


“The Quick and the Dead”
(Cover Title: “XS-ive Force!”)


President Chu’s draft of the second wave Legionnaires results in an argument between her and R.J. Brande.  At the Metropolis jail, Saturn Girl and Live Wire probe the assassins and manage to pull information on Doyle out of them.  Invisible Kid and Chameleon (posing as Doyle’s aide) then arrest Doyle.  XS has second thoughts about the Legion, but Cosmic Boy gives her a pep talk.  When a bomb linked to the stasis belt goes off at Kid Quantum’s funeral, trapping the Legion, Brande, and Chu near the coffin, only XS with her speed is able to fight the effects and rescue everyone from the explosion.  Elsewhere, the population of Angtu has destroyed itself except for a single survivor, Mano.  Mano turns his power on the planet itself, which explodes, but he survives.


Mark Waid / Tom McCraw (Plot) • Tom Peyer (Script) • Jeffrey Moy (Pencils) • Ron Boyd (Inks) • Pat Brosseau (Letters) • Tom McCraw (Colors) • Mike McAvennie (Assistance [Assistant Editor] • KC Carlson (Embalming [Editor]) • Jeffrey Moy / Wade Von Grawbadger (Cover)


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XS (Jenni Ognats) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Also appears in flashback to between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and this issue
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Also appears in flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Kid Quantum (James Cullen) Appears in flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Triad (Luornu Durgo) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Also appears in flashbacks to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and to between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and this issue
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Also appears in flashbacks to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and to between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and this issue
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Also appears in flashback to between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and this issue
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen)
     (also appears as a holovid newscaster) (footnote #1)
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Chameleon (Reep Daggle)
     (also appears as Jando and a Neegl)
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Valor (Lar Gand) No appearance; mention only


Tangleweb Appears in flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Roderick Doyle Legionnaires #0 None to date
Mano (real name unknown) None Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
White Triangle assassins (3; black and bald, red hair with sweat band, dark hair) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 None to date

Supporting Characters

R.J. Brande Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
President Jeannie Chu Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Jeven Ognats (XS’ father) Appears only as a picture
Marla Latham Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #66
Leland McCauley Mention only; no appearance
One-Shot or Unnamed Characters:
     unnamed workers at the Metropolis Necrological Institute (5, including a Probe mortician/worker)
     unnamed Science Police in Metropolis (6)
     unnamed Angtuans (numerous; all dead), including Angtuan soldiers (7)


Talus No appearance; mention only
Angtu (and its two suns) None None; planet destroyed in this issue
Metropolis Necrological Institute None Legionnaires #<40>
President Chu’s office (and outer waiting area) Legionnaires #0 Legionnaires #20
Roderick Doyle’s office Legionnaires #0 None to date
XS’ quarters, Brande Industries None None to date
United Planets Plaza, Metropolis < > < >
R.J. Brande’s office Legionnaires #0 Legionnaires #20
Metropolis jail Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 None to date

Alien Races and Creatures

Sklarian (probably, although male) Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #65
Probe Legionnaires #0 < >
“Jandan” (race of Doyle’s underling, Jando) Legionnaires #0 None to date
Angtuans None None; all except Mano die in this issue
Quothoni Legionnaires #0 < >
Talokian Legionnaires #0 Legionnaires #21
Durlan Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #<68>
One-shot or Untracked Races:
     “Neegl” (elephant-like monster)


Legion of Super-Heroes flag None < >
Frameless glasses Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Levitating gurney Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 < >
Gravcar < > < >
Kid Quantum’s stasis belt No current appearance; behind the scenes
Also appears in flashback to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62
Omnicoms Legionnaires #0 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Holovid news cameras Legionnaires #0 < >
Video picture frame None Legionnaires #20
Desktop holovid projector Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0 Legionnaires #20
Levitating crowd-control barriers None < >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Kid Quantum’s coffin
     Necrological storage units
     Securi-cam (security camera) system
     Projected video screens
     Jail cell with energy bars
     Video “doorbell” (in XS’ quarters)
     Doyle’s United Planets globe safe
     Doyle’s handgun
     Inertron flagpole
     United Planets flag
     EarthGov flag
     Levitating crowd-control barriers
     unspecified bomb (in Kid Quantum’s coffin)
     Mano’s Angtu military uniform (footnote #2), including survival suit, helmet, sword, blaster, and gloves

1. Cases where the disguised character is not clearly revealed as such will be called out.

2. Hereafter assumed in Mano’s appearances.


Analysis Notes

Cover Based on costuming details, the silhouetted figures on the cover are Apparition, Leviathan, Cosmic Boy, Live Wire, and Saturn Girl (left to right).
1 Draping the coffin with a flag is a 20th century funeral custom that has survived to the 30th century.
In the preboot, the Legion flag was luminous and could be seen thousands of miles out into space.  This particular version of the flag does not share those qualities.
The nameplate on the coffin is in English.  While Interlac stems from non-Terran origins (it is in use in the 20th century), many non-official signs on Earth (and those worlds stemming form Earth) may be in English or other languages rather than Interlac.
2:1 As indicated in the annotation to Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62, death is only part of XS’ fear; failure is more significant.
In the preboot, Probes were artificial beings with some apparently telepathic abilities, used primarily in service tasks.  At least the latter still appears to be true.
Interlac translation: indecipherable (first character may be “L” or upside-down “R”)
2:3 The silhouetted head behind Triad is Invisible Kid.
3:1 There is a gravcar going by outside the window.
3:2 Coloring error: Brande’s moustache did not get colored properly.
Bgztlians phase by shifting their bodies into the Bgztlian Buffer Zone, becoming increasingly transparent as they do so.  Apparition appears to be nearly invisible, so she much be almost completely phased away.
4:1 It is unclear how Triad could have possibly grabbed onto Tinya’s cape, much less pulled it in a manner to yank her back into the room, given the degree that Tinya was phased.  Possibly Tinya is not yet quite used to needing to phase a cape along with the rest of her clothing, and it phases to a lessening degree the further it is from her body (but the integrity of the cape remains intact, since it is traversing dimensions rather than losing molecular cohesion)
4:3 Triad (or at least the extroverted third of her) is quite the hacker.  This skill will also make her an asset to the Espionage Squad.
4:4 So the United Planets is willing to take Brande’s money to fund the Legion, but will give him negligible control?  Fortunately, Brande has too much emotional investment in the Legion to walk away from it.
President Chu turns on her desktop holovid projector.
The orange frame around this panel indicates it is being viewed from the other room via the securi-cam.  The projection is apparently a flat holographic video display (which is probably easier to produce and cheaper to operate than a full three-dimensional holographic field).
4:5 Durlans themselves have some degree of paranoia about interacting in a largely human society.  This is probably well founded, if most humans react to Durlans like Leviathan did.
4:6 The dialogue in this panel is from President Chu.
The scene in this panel must occur between the end of Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and the start of this issue; there is known to be a “classified” untold story occurring between Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 and 63, so the scene might be from that.  It is a projection from President Chu’s desktop holovid projector.
The Legionnaires’ “police powers” should include the ability to arrest lawbreakers and clearance to enter sensitive areas.  It is unprecedented only within recent history; it was certainly prevalent enough amongst superheroes in the last couple decades of the 20th century.
President Chu’s reference to the Legionnaires being teenagers indicates that, although the majority of the team is above the age of majority — adults according to the law — they are still seen as incomplete members of society.  (This is not very different from current society, where we grant “adult” privileges such as a driver’s license, voting rights, and legal drinking of alcohol at various ages, but even at age 21, the individual is considered barely an adult.)
5:1 Actually, the “stupid” action was sending the Legion out on a mission before they had so much as introduced themselves to one another.  The draft might not have been a problem if there had been time for the group to become a team first.
5:2 If Tinya seems a bit bloodthirsty, this can be attributed in part to her politician mother.  Tinya has grown up around a very aggressive woman, so she acts accordingly.  Winema might have a particular dislike for Chu, as well, which would have rubber off on Tinya.
Read from the other side, the text on the securi-cam panel says “MUTE”.
5:3 The Legionnaires — even their originally appointed leader, Leviathan — were not given sufficient information on their teammates to know that one had not reported for duty.  This indicates Chu’s intent to retain as much control over the Legion as possible.
Being the leader means taking the bulk of the blame as well as the credit; being a literally big leader means that much more blame.
5:4 The missing Legionnaire being Brainiac 5, of course.  If Brande did not know about Brainiac 5 being drafted, that means Chu may have arranged it behind his back.
5:5 For a former personal administrative assistant, Triad really should know names and codenames better that she shows here.
Note Triad’s tongue.  This became a running gag for Jeff Moy to draw characters — especially the girls — with their tongues out, and for the fans to keep count.  See each issue’s statistics analysis for a running count of these gratuitous tongue appearances; non-gratuitous ones (like Doyle on 12:3) are not counted.
6:1-5 Saturn Girl’s mental link is a two-way street.  Against trained persons, her probes can be held off, and she can even be attacked or threatened; this may be a side effect of the psi-screens, which must still be active if she cannot read the criminals.
6:6 This is a different part of the Metropolis jail than where Garth was briefly held.  Of course, assassins who attempt to kill one of the galaxy’s richest sentients warrant stricter security measures than did a teenager arrested in a barroom brawl.
7:2 Garth’s lightning seems to be able to disrupt the energy bars on the cell.
7:4 My, but the 20th century certainly still has a reputation, doesn’t it?  This does bode well for future generations, however.
7:5 Garth’s “attack” was faked.  Given Imra’s melodramatic comments in 7:1, both of their parts may have been a set up.
8:2 Note that the photo only features Jenni and her father; her mother, Dawn Allen, is already dead.
No father worth the title would be disappointed in his daughter.
8:4 The picture is electronic rather than holding an actual physical photograph; it has been turned off.
8:5 The view of Cosmic Boy here is similar to the view that would be seen through a door’s peephole.  Of course, 30th century camera technology should be able to avoid this sort of fisheye effect.  (On the other hand, it predates an advertising trend from the late 1990s featuring just this sort of distorted images.)
9:1 Not wanting to let on that she is leaving, XS has just hidden her suitcase.
9:5 Gee, you would think Cosmic Boy was the team telepath, not Saturn Girl.  (A good leader is able to read these things.)
10:2 Nobody notified Marla, apparently.
10:4 While R.J. Brande doesn’t take no for an answer, Brainiac 5 didn’t exactly fight to stay on Talus.  Although he would never admit it publicly, he probably was somewhat intrigued by the chance to play a role in the Legion.
10:5 R.J. Brande invokes Valor here, indicating a kind of legendary or religious status for the character.
10:6 Marla indicates that Brainiac 5 no longer works for Brande Industries.  The Talus laboratory may be an extension of the Metropolis-based Time Institute, making it probably a research group funded by grants from the United Planets, industry, and philanthropists (including R.J. Brande, of course).
It has been suggested that Brainiac 5 blows up labs because that is part of his experimental procedure.  Equipment and testing sites are replaceable and repairable, but sentient beings are not; by testing extreme failure conditions on inanimate materials, Brainiac 5 can lessen the impact on living beings should such conditions occur.
Brande is not above a little knife-twisting with his plan to bill the United Planets for Brainiac 5’s expenses.
11:1 The United Planets globe is probably something Brande ordered to be placed in the offices of all top-level Brande Industries executives.  If Doyle is indeed part of the White Triangle, then this symbol of galactic unity is not something he wants in his office.
11:2 The vidscreen was turned on by Invisible Kid.
There is no way the Science Police would allow a news report like this to be broadcast before they have had a chance to arrest Doyle in one of the most likely locations to find him: his own office.  The Legion must have mocked up this broadcast, including using Saturn Girl as the newscaster (possibly with computer effects to slightly disguise her).
11:4 Despite the robes, Jando was not a Durlan as might have been assumed from Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0.
11:5 Information in files A, B, and G must not be damaging.
12:1 Vidscreen Translation: the bulk of the text is neither English nor Interlac, and is thus indecipherable.  The English text present probably says “Believed Human” with an identification number beneath it.  (In the preboot continuity, Doyle was Brande’s cousin, and in the Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes mini-series, Brande and Doyle were revealed to be Durlans trapped in human form due to Yorggian Fever.  “Believed Human” reflects that former status.)
12:1-4 The prototype Espionage Squad in action.
12:2 “Weakness” of a power is in the eye of the beholder.  Lyle can certainly make good use of his power, despite being unable to use it to destroy spaceships.
12:5 The Empress reveals that Durlans do have guts (or at least internal organs) in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #79.
13:2 The type of creature Chameleon turns into is assumed to be a Neegl, based on the emphasis in Invisible Kid’s dialogue.
13:3 Of course, Chameleon does understand Interlac, and may even be able to speak it at this time, but Doyle doesn’t know that.
13:5 Chameleon is probably saying the equivalent of “Yeah.”
Doyle’s comment alludes to the upcoming difficulties with the White Triangle, as well as simply the bomb in Kid Quantum’s coffin.
14:1 Lowering the flag to half-mast is another 20th century funeral custom that has survived the intervening millennium.
Inertron is an essentially indestructible metal, probably a Noble solid (a lá Noble gasses), based on the name.  In the preboot, it was first seen in Adventure Comics #336, and was at one point stated to be a 20th century invention of the Dominators (Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #2).  As we will later find out, Brande has access to the people of Trom, so inertron may be a creation of Trommite transmutation powers.
14:3 The people in the front row of the crowd are probably primarily United Planets ambassadors and their staffs, given the presence of the Talokian, “Breather,” and apparent Durlan.
14:3-15:3 Cosmic Boy does a decent job of delivering a eulogy for Kid Quantum, despite knowing him primarily via his flaws.
15 This scene is reminiscent of one in The Flash #< >, where Wally West’s super-speed kicks in by instinct to deal with flying bullets.
16 The combination of XS’ super-speed and the stasis belt slowing time probably made XS look to be moving at about normal speed while inside the belt’s field, but still at super-speed to those within the field.  To Brande, Chu, and the other Legionnaires, they would have seen the explosion suddenly occur and then been whisked out of danger before they could react; unless they could see those outside the field apparently all moving at super-speed, they would not even notice the slow down until they had been removed from the field.
The entire connection of the belt and the bomb is somewhat suspicious.  Although references are made to the belt being the origin of the stasis field, Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #62 indicates that it merely enhances James’ innate powers; it could be that the belt specifically enhances stasis fields and is even able to generate them on its own to a degree.  Additionally, we will later see James’ sister, Jazmin, wearing the (or “a”) stasis belt; unless the technology involved is easy to replicate, the Xanthan government would probably have wanted to retain the physical belt rather than let it be disposed of with Cullen’s body.
One possibility is a supernatural explanation: as in the preboot, where the ghost of Ferro Lad watched over the Legion and protected them on one occasion, perhaps a similar occurrence has happened here, and Kid Quantum’s spirit — far less stuck up in death than in life — invoked his stasis powers (more powerful in death than in life) to help save the team; the belt would not even be present, and the bomb planter did not necessarily factor XS’ super-speed into the equation.
Another possibility is meddling by the Time Trapper; since XS and other Legionnaires will later directly meet the Trapper, his hand might be active behind the scenes here.
16:5 It is Live Wire that XS is carrying in this panel, based on the order of the other people XS rescues.
16:9 XS may have not rescued Cosmic Boy first for several reasons: (a) he was the furthest person away from her, (b) she subconsciously thought that, as leader, he could rescue himself, or (c) there could have been a subconscious resentment toward him for trying to convince her to not leave the Legion.
17:5 Although it isn’t quite clear from the art, XS’ slingshot effort apparently disintegrated a portion of the (indestructible) inertron flagpole due to the friction.
18:3 In the preboot, James Cullen was not actually a human, but instead a Protean posing as a human being, hiding the “Soul of Antares,” the collective soul of the Protean race.  Instead of actually dying, he faked his death and went undercover, with the truth only being revealed nearly two decades later (in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #34).  The fact that Cullen’s coffin — and thus his body — has been destroyed by the bomb fuels speculation that the postboot Cullen may also have Protean connections.
18:4 The bomb was planted on behalf of the White Triangle by Doyle’s underlings, probably either by the missing White Triangle agent from Legionnaires #19 or by Jando prior to his arrest.
19:5 XS quickly became a favorite of Legion fandom, too.
20:1 In is unclear if the toxic vapors enshrouding Angtu are natural, or the result of McCauley’s chemicals; probably the former, based on the preboot appearance of Angtu also being a dark, vapor-covered planet.
Angtu orbits in a two-sun system, one of which may be a red dwarf.
20:2 “Forever” is an exaggeration, but probably at least a century or two, long enough for the root causes of the war to be long forgotten.
Leland McCauley is an unscrupulous businessman, more interested in immediate profits than long-term sales potential.  As we will later find out, the chemical weapons sold to the Angtuans were untested.
20:3 “Mano,” of course, is Latin (or Spanish) for “hand.”  (It has been said cynically that you can tell what class Jim Shooter was taking in school when he created Mano back in the 1960s.)
It is unclear whether “Mano” is his given name or merely a nickname or epithet applied to him later; this might largely depend on when in his life his destructive power surfaced.  If, for example, it was first used at birth, possibly even killing his mother, than “Mano” might be the only name he has ever known.
In the preboot, Angtu was also seen as a haze-enshrouded planet, presumably naturally so.  This haze is apparently poisonous, although it is certainly possible that McCauley’s chemicals combined with Angtu’s natural hazy atmosphere to create the poisons.
20:4 Mano is an Angtuan mutant.  His primary mutation is the destructive force released by a disk on his right palm; based on his comment in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63, his blackened skin and the energy dancing around it are probably a side effect of McCauley’s chemicals.  The destructive force is probably a release of anti-energy or anti-matter, and the energy dancing around him may be a very low-level reaction similar to that from his palm.
Given that Mano knew about the chemical weapons, his helmet was likely a means of attempting to survive the release of the chemicals rather than something he needed for day-to-day survival.  Indeed, it may have allowed him to survive long enough for the interaction between his power and the chemicals to cause his blackened appearance.
Besides the helmet, Mano’s outfit is not unique protective garb, as we see several bodies clad similarly in 20:3-4.  Given his comments, Mano had enough status that he had some chance of getting people to listen to him.  He was probably an officer in the army on one side of the Angtuan conflict, and the outfit is his uniform.
20:5 The four-pointed star on Mano’s neckpiece is an iconic representation of his power.
21:1 It is uncertain whether Mano could even commit suicide in this manner.
21:7-22:1 If Mano can indeed cause planets to explode, and moreover to separate the pieces into an asteroid belt type of space, then he is indeed quite powerful.  His power was presumably boosted by his emotional state and a lengthy recharge period since the last use of his power.
22:1 Mano (and his survival suit) must also have significant invulnerability to have survived the explosion of the planet, not only to survive the power discharge but also any damage from rubble.  Perhaps exposure to McCauley’s chemicals provided this, along the lines of “Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.”
20-22 Note the low-level Superman parallel: last survivor of a doomed planet, strengthened in 20:4 by placing Mano in something of a Jor-El role.
Tongue Count Triad (5:5)
Reprints This issue was reprinted in the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow trade paperback collection.

Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

XS (Jenni Ognats) X 40 / 32
Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) 10 / 5
Kid Quantum (James Cullen) 2 / 0
Triad (Luornu Durgo) 8 / 4
Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) X 10 / 5
Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) X 9 / 4
Leviathan (Sgt. Gim Allon) X 8 / 3
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) X 13 / 8
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) X 16 / 12
Chameleon (Reep Daggle)
     (also appears as Jando
     and a Neegl)
5 / 1
5 / 1
2 / 1
Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox)
1 / 1
Tangleweb 1 / 0
Roderick Doyle 13 / 12
Mano 14 / 8
Supporting Characters
R.J. Brande 16 / 12
President Jeannie Chu 9 / 6
Jeven Ognats (XS’ father) 3 / 0
Marla Latham 5 / 2