Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #0

Legion of SuUper-Heroes v4 #0 cover


October 1994


“Time and Chance”
(Cover Title: “The Beginning of Tomorrow!”)


Garth Ranzz is a runaway from Winath.  Rokk Krinn is a teenage sports star from Braal.  Imra Ardeen is a promising police cadet from Titan.  And R.J. Brande is a very wealthy man.  When the shuttle carrying them all arrives on Earth, the three, using their powers of lightning, magnetism, and telepathy, foil an attempt on the life of Brande.  Working with Earth’s president, Jeannie Chu, Brande offers each of the three a job, forming a team of teenage superheroes: the Legion of Super-Heroes .


Mark Waid / Tom McCraw (Story) • Stuart Immonen / Ron Boyd (Art) • Bob Pinaha (Letters) • Tom McCraw (Colors) • Mike McAvennie (Assists [Assistant Editor] • KC Carlson (Edits) • Stuart Immonen / Ron Boyd (Cover [assumed; unsigned])


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Character and Object Tracking



Previous Appearance

Next Appearance


Live Wire (as Garth Ranzz of Winath) Legionnaires #30 (flashback) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story)
Also appears in dream flashback
Cosmic Boy (as Rokk Krinn of Braal) Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #2 Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story)
Saturn Girl (as Imra Ardeen of Titan) Legionnaires #57 (flashback) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story)
Spark (as Ayla Ranzz of Winath) Appears only in dream flashback
Triad (as Luornu Durgo of Cargg) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
     Superman (Clark Kent)
     Batman (Bruce Wayne)
     Flash III (Wally West)
     Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira)


Lightning Lord (as Mekt Ranzz of Winath) Appears only in dream flashback
Alux Cuspin None Legionnaires #70
Roderick Doyle Legion: Seret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
unnamed assassins (5, all male, presumably all Terran; black and bald with glasses, brown and balding, red hair with sweat band, dark hair, and older with brown hair) None Three appear next in Legionnaires #19 (black and bald, red hair with sweat band, dark hair)
None to date for the others
Black Mace No appearance; mention only
Jando (Doyle’s underling) Legion: Seret Files #1 (1st story) None to date; presumably arrested
Oto (Doyle’s underling) None None to date; presumably killed
Doyle’s unnamed masters (the White Triangle) No appearance; mention only
One-shot or Untracked Villains:
     unnamed curator/thief on Titan
     unnamed criminals on Titan (3)
     unnamed prisoners in Metropolis jail (3)

Supporting Characters

Kirth and Dalya Ranzz No appearance; mention only
Pol Krinn No appearance; mention only
Hu and Ewa Krinn No appearance; mention only
R.J. Brande Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story)
President Jeannie Chu In flashback in Legionnaires #38 Legionnaires #0
Officer Gigi Cusimano (Science Police, Metropolis) None Legionnaires #0
Commander Edvard Hagbard (Science Police, Metropolis) None Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #6 (1st story)
Officer Shvaughn Erin (Science Police, Metropolis) None Legionnaires #25
Sgt. Bendah (Science Police, Titan) None None to date
Officer Niewa Quav (Science Police, Metropolis) None Legionnaires #25
One-shot or Untracked Characters:
     Garth Ranzz’s “Aunt Ryth” (probably paternal aunt)
     unnamed holovid reporters on Braal (4) and Earth (at least 6)
     assorted travellers on Braal and aboard the passenger shuttle
     Sindy Paller
     Probe flight steward
     unnamed Science Police officers on Titan (1) and Earth (5)
     Aymil (“barter baron” [fence?])
     The Stonn Family (organized crime family)
     Prel Drygar (loan shark)


Korbal None in 30th century.
Superboy and the Ravers #< >
Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #64
Winath None Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #64
Braal None in 30th century.
Valor #< > (footnote #1)
Legionnaires #53
Earth None in 30th century Legionnaires #0
Titan None in 30th century Legionnaires #38
Tharn No appearance; mention only.
Imsk No appearance; mention only.
Zuun No appearance; mention only.
Saturn None in 30th century Legionnaires #<38>
Ventura No appearance; mention only.
Takron-Galtos No appearance; mention only.
Spaceport, Braal None Legionnaires #53
Metropolis Spaceport, Earth None < >
President Chu’s office, Earth None Legionnaires #0
Earth Homebase (Science Police Headquarters), Metropolis None Legion of Super-Heroes Annual v4 #<6>
Metropolis jail None Legionnaires #20
R.J. Brande’s office (both outer and inner offices) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
Roderick Doyle’s office Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
One-shot Locations:
     cheap hotel room on Winath

Alien Races and Creatures

Lightning Beasts of Korbal Appear only in dream flashback
Probe Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
Korugarian (footnote #2) None in 30th century Legionnaires #20
Tyrazzi Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
Quothoni (green skin with brown stripes, breathing apparatus; miscolored in this issue) Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
Sklarian None Legionnaires #0
“Gigerian” (looks like an H.R. Giger alien) None Legionnaires #22
Somhaturi (drawn with no antennae in this issue) None Legionnaires #0
One-shot or Untracked Races:
     “Jandan” (spiny heads, black eyes, tentacled arms)
     “Oto’s Race” (pale orange skin, bald, pointed ears)


Vidscreen None < >
Holovid news cameras Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #0
Passenger shuttle with stargate capability Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #2 <Legionnaires #77>
Stargate Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) < >
“Saturn” telepath I.D. badge (footnote #3) None Legionnaires #0
Levitating sled None Legionnaires #19
Frameless glasses None Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story)
Omnicom Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow (introduction) Legionnaires #0
Gravcar Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story) Legionnaires #19
Levitating furniture (various designs) Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #2 Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #63
Desktop holovid projectors None Legionnaires #19
Cuspin’s cane None Legionnaires #70
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Winathian shuttle with transwarp drive
     Wrench-like tool
     Plasma guns
     Magnoball practice court with active magnoball
     Large hologram projectors
     Oto’s handgun

1. This issue of Valor is suspect under the effects of Zero Hour; the Braal seen there may not be the same, post-Zero Hour.

2. There is no way to know for sure that the presumed Korugarians, Tyrazzi, Talokians, and other races identified just by skin color are indeed of those races, but it is a good enough probability to warrant tracking them as such.

3. Saturn Girl’s costume logo is considered as distinct from the telepath I.D. badge, and will not be included under “Technology.”


Analysis Notes

Cover The cover of this issue is non-representational.  The costumes, flight rings, and clubhouse do not appear in this issue, and the clubhouse will look significantly different when it does appear.
1:1 Mekt Ranzz is apparently the eldest of the Ranzz siblings.
The “frameless glasses” seen on Mekt were introduced during the Giffen/Bierbaum era, worn by Kent Shakespeare.
Pronunciation: There is no consensus on whether to pronounce “Ayla” with an initial long “A” sound (to rhyme with “Layla”, as in the song by Eric Clapton) or with an initial long “I” sound.   The name comes from Hebrew for “mighty oak.”
1:1, 2:4 Ayla Ranzz is studious and level-headed in comparison to her brothers.  This is in contrast to the behavior she will display when she later joins the Legion.
1:2 Interlac Translation (readout): “charge” and “7.924”  The numbers presumably refer to the power level of the ship’s drive.  (Alternately, there could be some connection to the date the artwork was completed.  With an October 1994 indicia date, July 1994 - 7.94 - is about right for artwork being done.)
2:2 Korbal is characterized by continuous atmospheric electrical storms and large land animals with the ability to create powerful electric discharges.
2:5 Korbal’s Lighting Beasts have been redesigned for the postboot, no longer having the “rubber tire” noses of the preboot.  Instead, the lightning is emitted from forehead horns, making them look more like rhinoceroses or Kryptonian rondors.
1-2 Since this dream holds well to the preboot origin of the Ranzz siblings, there is no reason to doubt its general accuracy.  However, the facts may be distorted somewhat depending on how Garth views his siblings and the event.
3:1 Used in conjunction with “Holy” (2:6), “Grife” is probably a religious epithet, akin to uses of “God” and “damn” in 20th century English. (Curse words in human society typically relate to religion, reproduction, or bodily wastes.) A possible origin is a transmogrification of “grief”, as in “May the Deity cause you grief.” The religious connotation is later confirmed in Legionnaires #63.
3:2 The incident with the Lightning Beasts occurred three years previous, when Garth was 11.
3:4 One potential reason for Winath cops not being patient with runaways is the traditional “twin” status of Winath: running away is often a symptom of socialization problems, and on a world of twins where nearly everyone has a very close “match”, such problems would be indicative of more serious problems (such as mental difficulties).  However, runaways are certainly not unknown on Winath, based on the comments here.
3:5 There is a drop of water hanging off Garth’s nose.  He has just splashed his face to wake up.
Note that Rokk apparently never attended the magnoball exhibition he travelled to Earth to participate in.
4:1 The Magnoball Cosmic Games is presumably a sports contest akin to tennis’ Wimbledon, as magnoball itself doesn’t seem to be broad enough to support an Olympics-like series of events.
4:2 Cosmic Boy’s codename was bestowed on him by “the Internet,” a nod to the body of fandom on the real-world Internet.
Note that the “Cosmic Boy” nickname is a reference to both Rokk’s age and his Magnoball Cosmic Games championship, indicating that it must be unusual for a teenager to do so well in the Games.
Rokk does not deny the connection to Sindy Paller.  (Rokk briefly dated a girl named “Sinde” in the preboot in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #212.)
Rokk’s manager, Cuspin, walks with a cane.  He may be a former magnoball competitor who got injured yet stays active in the sport by coaching, as often occurs in 20th century sports.
Cuspin’s first name is “Alux”, but that is unrevealed until Legionnaires #70.
Interlac Translation (spaceport gate labels): “planet” and “braal”.  This is presumably an orbiting shuttle depot, and the signs direct passengers to “Braal” and “Off Planet” locations.
4:2, 5:2 Rokk’s brother and parents will later be confirmed as Pol, Hu, and Ewa Krinn, as in the preboot.
4:4 Interlac Translation: no way to tell; starts with a “d”.
5:2 The bulk of Rokk Krinn’s earnings from endorsements and appearance fees are supposed to go to support his family.  In the preboot, Braal was economically depressed, and this would seem to support that.
5:3 Braal and Titan have a shaky treaty; they will later be revealed to have been at war.
The United Planets is a relatively new organization at this point (only a few years old at most, probably).
6:1 Imra is “alpha class;” presumably this is the same as her being the highest rated telepath on Titan (see 6:3).
Imra is the only one wearing a Saturn ID badge.  There is apparently a significant number of non-Titanians living on Titan.
7 Coloring errors: Sgt. Bendah is the dark-skinned Science Police officer who spoke in 6:1-2.  In 7:3, it is obviously the other officer speaking, despite the incorrect skin color; his skin is thus miscolored in 7:1, also.
7:5 Imra is not yet a full-fledged Science Police officer.  Although she is later referred to as a cadet (see 14:2), here she is called an “Agent”, which probably means she has been specially loaned to the Science Police for this case.
8:2 Interlac is the standard language of the quadrant Braal and Winath are in; presumably it is standard for the entirety of the United Planets.  In the introduction to the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow collection, it will be revealed that Interlac as a “universal” language was somewhat controversial.
Note that Rokk is much more “worldly” and travelled than Garth; since Winath will later be shown to be an agricultural planet (as in the preboot), Garth may be something of a “hick”.  As a result, Garth may well not have been sure that Interlac was indeed anything but the language spoken on Winath.
Rokk is extending his left hand to greet Garth; he is left-handed.
9:1-2 R.J. Brande is the third richest sentient in the “cosmos” (known galaxy, probably), and is responsible for stargate technology.  The United Planets depends on stargate technology to provide a reasonable cost method of transport over interstellar distances.
9:3 Stargate technology doesn’t require the expense of normal warpspeed fuel, the cost of which can allegedly bankrupt entire worlds.  Given the prevalence of faster than light craft in the 20th century comics, whatever fuel is used must become increasingly scarce throughout known space over the intervening millennium.
9:4 Stargate travel appears to involve teleportation or the creation of wormholes, rather than direct physical movement across the intervening light years.  An example of the space “between” stargates is seen in Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Files #2.
10:1 Rokk observes “more V.I.P.’s” boarding the shuttle at Titan.  These are presumably United Planets delegates making the trip to Earth for the meeting seen in Legionnaires #0.
It is hard to imagine Brande not travelling First Class, and sports-star Rokk and the VIP’s probably would be, too (although Cuspin might have booked Rokk on cheaply just to have more money for himself). As a prize cadet travelling on behalf of the Titan government, Imra might travel First Class, but as a runaway, Garth almost certainly could not unless he managed to bluff his way into the status. As will be seen in Legion: Secret Files #1, Brande is intentionally travelling Tourist Class.
Here, Ventura sounds like a resort planet, but it was a gambling world in the preboot, and will be seen to be such in the postboot in Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #99; it could be like today’s Las Vegas, and be both.
“Konos” is a derivative of “kono juice,” a favorite drink from the preboot, possibly somewhat alcoholic.
In the preboot, of course, Garth eventually married Imra.
10:2, 10:4 Telepaths from Titan are required to wear a Saturn-shaped I.D. badge (this has echos of Nazi Germany’s requirement that Jews wear a yellow star and homosexuals wear a pink triangle).  Telepaths are not well liked by the general public, which fears unwanted mental intrusion.
11:2 How primitive, having the passengers disembark right onto the tarmac.  There must not be safety concerns with regard to pollution fumes, inclement weather, or passengers encountering service vehicles.
11:3 Garth’s reference to “break the ice” alludes to her preboot “ice queen” status, which was due to distancing herself from people in order to avoid accidental mental contact.
11:3-4 Imra is just picking up surface thoughts, not actively scanning.
11:4 The assassins after Brande are wearing uniforms labelled with pink triangles.  Presumably, these are spaceport worker uniforms rather than some reference to sexual orientation.  (Given that they are probably White Triangle assassins, the triangles may simply be miscolored.)
12:3 “Live wire” alludes to Garth’s eventual code name.
14 Based on Legionnaires #0, 21:6, the female Science Police Officer is probably Gigi Cusimano.
14:1 The assassins are using “psi-screens”.  Since Imra cannot simply remove the screens or turn them off, they may be implanted devices.  The screens are sufficient to hide specific information, but did not block surface thoughts.  Given that Brande is later revealed to be a telepath in Legionnaires #53, the screens were perhaps meant to foil Brande’s own senses as much as those of any random Titanian who might scan the assassins.  (The screens probably set up “feedback” in the cloaked person’s mind to prevent telepaths from finding the information that they want.)
14:3 Doyle is Brande’s business partner, and he apparently would control Brande Industries if Brande were killed.  Doyle’s motive for Brande’s assassination is thus not just because he is a White Triangle xenophobe who opposes the United Planets.
15 The President’s name is Jeannie Chu.  Her first name is not revealed until < >.
15:1 Some United Planets delegates are apparently not based on Earth full-time.  These travelling VIP’s may be mostly provisional and observing delegates; full ambassadors undoubtedly have Metropolis apartments and full staffs on Earth.
15:3 The goals of the United Planets are “galactic unity, shared tech(nology), and common alliance.”  Interlac as a common language helps on these points.  Presumably we may one day see the last one tested, when the Khunds show up.
15:4 Brande presumably does not plan to finance the Legion indefinitely, just until it finds its role within the United Planets.  (Nor would the United Planets want to be beholden to him for the continuation of the Legion if it became successful.  Imagine if Brande were like Leland McCauley!)
15:5 Brande provides the basic design of both the Legion uniforms and the Legion’s “L*” logo.  In Impulse #9, XS tells Impulse that her uniform is based on the general design of his, which originated in the testing lab where he was raised.  Thus, Brande probably had a hand in the lab’s funding.
The basic costume design adheres to the Chris Sprouse design standard introduced in the preboot Legionnaires series.
Two of the other sample logos are the stylized “L” logos from the Levitz/Giffen and Giffen/Bierbaum eras of the Legion.  A third logo idea is the United Planets “star”, which is partly preserved in the final sketch.
16:2 Commander Hagbard’s alleged hatred of Titanians is probably something of an exaggeration, despite the fact that he is assigning Imra to do gruntwork.  As seen in Legion: Science Police #1, Hagbard will eventually have no problem with Imra as part of his staff, so any anti-Titanian attitude here can be attributed to unfamiliarity.
16:3 According to the introduction in the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow collection, Shvaughn (and Gigi, and Gim) is just an “officer” at this point. She apparently gets promoted to Sergeant by the time of the events seen in Showcase ’< > #6.
17:1 Magnoball is apparently a court sport featuring a floating ball that is affected or directed by magnetic fields above a court featuring different zones, one of which is a “grav-field;” Legionnaires #<34> shows magnoball to be a goal-oriented sport (a lá basketball rather than tennis), so this may be a solo practice court.
17:3 Luornu’s three bodies exhibit different personality traits. Lu-Purple (the extrovert) is the one who comes to see Rokk; the other two are undistinguished here, but can be determined in Legion: Secret Files #1 (Lu-Orange visits Garth and Lu-Neutral visits Imra).
18:1 Black Mace owns some sort of an establishment, probably a bar, at which Garth had been seeking information about Mekt’s whereabouts.  A resulting struggle apparently landed Garth in jail.
19:3, 19:5 Cuspin is a lecher and a gambler: does Rokk know how to pick them, or what?
20:1 Takron Galtos is an infamous prison planet, dating back at least to the 20th century.  In the preboot continuity, it was destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it is evidently intact in the postboot continuity.
20:3 Garth is already acting as Imra’s protector.
20:6 It would not be confirmed for several years, but as seen in Legionnaires #70, Rokk did turn Cuspin in.  Imra’s assessment was incorrect, however, and Cuspin got only a couple year sentence in a Terran prison, Roundrock.  She may have been exaggerating here for effect, or Cuspin may have been able to pull some strings to get his sentence reduced; it is also possible that Rokk himself requested a lighter sentence than the Takron-Galtos one.
21 In the preboot, R.J. Brande was a 20th century Durlan transported through time to the 30th century (see L.E.G.I.O.N. ’87 #<9> and Legion of Super-Heroes v4#<>) and later stuck in human form by a bout of Yorggian Fever, although he kept these details hidden for decades (see Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #3).  If Brande is still a non-human in the postboot, he is not necessarily still the Durlan associated with L.E.G.I.O.N. (or even a Durlan at all).  His love for the 20th century’s heroic age (and the specific examples of members of the Justice League) may be a clue to his original identity.  Or it might not.  (A handful of individuals survived from the 20th century to the 30th century in the preboot, including the Durlan, Mon-El/Valor, Mordru, and J’Onn J’Onzz, the Martin Manhunter.)
21:3 Superman’s long hair here is a peculiarity.  Although he had long hair at the time this comic was published, it didn’t last long enough to reasonably be expected to be shown in a 30th century hologram.  When this scene is shown again in Legion: Secret Files #1 (1st story), the hologram still has long hair.  As a result, it must be assumed that whatever image source Brande used for the hologram was from the brief period where Superman wore his hair long.
21:3-4 Rokk recognizes Superman, possibly because Braal was allegedly settled by transplanted Earth humans during the late 20th century as a Gandian World.  Garth does not recognize Batman, but Imra does (which makes sense, given that he is the “world’s greatest detective” and she is engaged in police training).
21:6 In the preboot, the Legion was based on the heroic career of Superboy (Superman as a teenager).  This page establishes the basis as being simply the 20th century’s heroic age in general, rather than any one specific hero.
22:2 Rokk and Garth have realized that Luornu Durgo has the ability to “triplicate”.
23:1 “Warring worlds” refers to Braal and Titan; the war must be only recently settled.  The settling of the war may have been important in the founding of the United Planets.
23:2 The blue sphere with smaller gold spheres attached is the United Planets globe logo.
23:4 Given how low sales had allegedly sunk prior to Zero Hour, the “three month trial” may have had a real world meaning, too.
24:1 Doyle’s masters are undoubtedly the White Triangle, who profess a desire to keep alien races separate.  Odd, then, that Doyle’s underlings are non-human.  Perhaps it is acceptable to the White Triangle to use alien races as underlings, but not to associate with them as equals.  Or perhaps he doesn’t hold with White Triangle ideals at all and is using them to achieve his own ends.
Since he makes no further appearances, it can be assumed that Oto dies at the hand of those he reports to.
24:4 There is no apparent connection between President Chu and either Roderick Doyle or the White Triangle; her image here is merely a connection to the United Planets.
Reprints This issue was reprinted in the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow trade paperback collection.

Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) X 49 / 34
Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) X 48 / 38
Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) X 39 / 21
Spark (Ayla Ranzz) 4 / 4
Triad (Luornu Durgo) 10 / 6
Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz) 6 / 6
Alux Cuspin 17 / 12
Roderick Doyle 4 / 4
unnamed assassins (5, all male, presumably all Terran; black and bald with glasses, brown and balding, red hair with sweat band, dark hair, and older with brown hair) 9 / 4
Jando 1 / 1
Oto 1 / 1
Supporting Characters
R.J. Brande 22 / 13
President Jeannie Chu 3 / 3
Officer Gigi Cusimano 3 / 3
Commander Hagbard 1 / 2
Officer Shvaughn Erin 1 / 1
Sgt. Bendah 4 / 2
Officer Quav
1 / 1