Invasion Book Two

Invasion Book Two cover


(December) 1998


“Battleground Earth”


The assembled heroes review the Invasion situation and agree to a cease fire with the aliens, which the heroes then proceed to break in a sneak attack.  While the aliens fight back, the Daxamite observers decide to confront Superman and keep him out of the fight.  Deadman produces havoc within the alien ranks.  Luthor bombs the Dominators.  The Daxamites learn of their lead weakness, almost fatally so, and turn against the alien armada.  A Dominator scientist isolates the meta-gene.  Flash’s father commits suicide to take out the Durlans in Cuba.  One of the Daxamites gives his life to notify the home planet.  On Starlag, Vril Dox unites the Omega Men and other prisoners to break out. The Daxamites arrive to save Earth, breaking up the alien armada while Deadman works from within to undermine the coalition.  All that seems to be left is cleaning up the aftermath of the invasion.


Keith Giffen (Plot / Breakdowns) • Bill Mantlo (Script) • Todd McFarlane / Keith Giffen (Pencils) • P. Craig Russell / Al Gordon / Joe Rubinstein / Tom Christopher (Inker) • Agustin Mas / John Costanza (Letters) • Carl Gafford (Colors) • Kevin Dooley (Assistant Editor) • Andrew Helfer (Editor) • Bart Sears / Todd McFarlane (Cover [assumed; uncredited])


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Vril Dox <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
The Durlan <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Garryn Bek <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Strata <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Lyrissa Mallor <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Flash III (Wally West) Previous Legion appearance:
     The Flash #22
<Invasion Book Three>
Also appears in flashback to The Flash #22
Superman (Clark Kent) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Also appears in flashback to Invasion Book One and to between Invasion Book One and Invasion Book Two
Deadman (Boston Brand) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Martian Manhunter (J’Onn J’Onzz) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Guardian II (Jim Harper) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Aqualad (Garth) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
One-shot or Unnamed Heroes:
     Captain Atom (Captain Nathaniel Adam), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Celsius (Arani Caulder), Robotman II (Cliff Steele), Tempest I (Josh Clay), Atom II (Ray Palmer), Starman V (Will Payton), Firehawk (Lorraine Reilly), Power Girl (Karen Starr), Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Professor Ed Stein), Adam Strange, Animal Man (Buddy Baker), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Extraño (Gregorio de la Vega), Chunk (Chester Runk), Manhunter II (Mark Shaw), Wildcat II (Yolanda Montez), Rocket Reds (at least 4), Hawk (Hank Hall), Swamp Thing (Alec Holland), Changeling (Gar Logan), Nuklon (Al Rothstein), Green Lantern III (Guy Gardner), Dove II (Dawn Granger), Obsidian (Todd Rice), Duchess (footnote #1) (Lashina), Kilowog, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Peacemaker (Christopher Smith), Nightshade (Eve Eden)), Crimson Fox (Constance d’Aramis), Lodestone (Rhea Jones), Spectre (Jim Corrigan), Robin II (Jason Todd), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Mister Miracle (Scott Free), Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Ambush Bug (Irwin Schwab), Black Orchid (“Susan Linden”), Hawkman II (Katar Hol), The Question (Vic Sage), Negative Woman (Valentina Vostok), Wild Dog (< >), Creeper (Jack Ryder), Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan), Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro), Manhunter I (Paul Kirk), Ice (Tara Olafsdottir), Dr. Fate (Linda Strauss), Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter), Floro (footnote #2) (Jason Woodrue), G’nort, Ram (Takeo Yakata), Gloss (Xiang Po), Harbinger (Lyla [last name unknown]), Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins), Hawkgirl II (Shayera Hol), Big Barda (Barda Free), Fire (Beatriz daCosta), Sea Devil (Dane Dorrance), Scott Fisher (of the Doom Patrol), Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner), Shade (Rac Shade); Tigorr, Doc, Callista, Primus, Elu, and Broot (of the Omega Men); Dust Devil (Moshe Levy), Mrs. Levy, Looking Glass (Dexter Fairfax), Jolt (Carlotta Rivera), and Crackpot (Amos Munroe) (of the Blasters); and a Red Trinity member

Villains (footnote #3)

Dominators <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Gil’Dan (footnote #4) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Durlans <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Khunds <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Dominator commanders (2) <Invasion Book One> None; both die this issue
Also appear in flashback to between Invasion Book One and Invasion Book Two
Khund commander <Invasion Book One> None; dies this issue
Dominator meta-gene scientist <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Warden of Starlag <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Chronos I (David Clinton) No appearance, mention only
Lex Luthor <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
One-shot or Untracked Villains:
     Okaaran Warlords
     Imskian mini-commandos (footnote #5)
     Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness)
     Heat Wave (Rory Calhoun)

Supporting Characters

Kel Gand <Invasion Book One> None; dies this issue
Daxamite observers (5) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Daxamite commander <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
One-shot or Untracked Characters:
     General Wade Eiling
     Amanda Waller
     Maxwell Lord
     assorted Atlantean citizens
     unnamed general
     Rick Flag, Jr.
     Fidel Castro
     Rudy West
     assorted Starlag inmates
     Ted and John (television newscasters)
     assorted United Nations delegates


Earth <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Luna <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Daxam No appearance; mention only
Khund Command Center, Melbourne (interior and exterior, plus surrounding city) <Invasion Book One> None; destroyed this issue
Also appears in flashback to Invasion Book One
Gil’Dan base, Arctic Circle (exterior, plus surrounding ocean) <Invasion Book One> None; destroyed this issue
Also appears in flashback to Invasion Book One
Khund base, South Pacific (plus surrounding area) <Invasion Book One> None; destroyed this issue
Also appears in flashback to Invasion Book One
Starlag (and nearby planets) <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Metropolis <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
LexCorp Tower, Metropolis <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Black Module, Starlag <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Eiffel Tower, Paris None in Legion books Next Legion appearance:
     Legionnaires Annual #2
One-shot or Untracked Locations:
     San Diego
     JLI Embassy, New York (interior)
     NORAD Mountain, Colorado
     Dominator vivisection lab
     Luthor’s office, LexCorp Tower
     Presidential palace, Havana
     Havana Harbor
     United Nations Building, New York
     Nagasaki, Japan
     Kremlin Wall, Moscow

Alien Races and Creatures

Daxamites <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
Coluan <Invasion Book One> <Invasion Book Three>
One-shot or Untracked Races:
     Gil’Dan-created mutants


Alien armada <Invasion Book One> None; dispersed this issue
Blue Beetle’s Bug <Invasion Book One> Next Legion appearance: (footnote #6)
     Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #< >
One-shot or Untracked Items:
     Thanagarian Hawkships
     Terran spy satellites
     Justice League teleportation tubes
     Boom Tube
     Dominator vivisection equipment
     Dominion shuttle-ship
     rocket launcher
     Soviet tank
     Daxamite armada
     Soviet fighter jets

1. Actually one of the Female Furies, acting as a hero in Suicide Squad at this time.

2. Acting as a hero at this time.

3. Although actually alien races, the various groups act uniformly as Villains and are listed as such. Individual members are tracked separately where named and/or identifiable.

4. Referred to as Gil’Dishpan in this story.

5. Misidentified as being Khunds.

6. Blue Beetle had several Bugs; the one seen in the Team 20 issues of Legion of Super-Heroes is merely one of them, not necessarily this one.


Analysis Notes

General Invasion had three primary effects on Legion-related things.  First, it introduced several Legion-era alien races (Dominator, Khund, Gil’Dishpan, Daxamite, Durlan, and Imskian) to the 20th century.  Second, it established L.E.G.I.O.N.  And third, the death of one of the Daxamites inspired his son to become a hero: Valor, later known as M’Onel.
Although Legion-related content is not part of every page in this issue, it is sufficiently pervasive to make covering the entire contents the only reasonable response.
Cover This is an obvious swipe of the American flag being raised at Iwo Jima.  The art is by Bart Sears and an unidentified inker.
1-5 These images are from video screens at NORAD.
1:2, etc. Locations appearing on maps are not tracked.
2:1 Dominators would later be revealed to have a plant-based technology, although that may have developed mostly in the thousand years after this story, and may not even be applicable in the postboot.  The would also be depicted with speech impediments involving either “R” or “S” sounds, neither of which are present in this series.
Dominators are divided into castes according to the size of their forehead disks, but do not otherwise have names (see page 42).  Later, a separate scientist caste with diamond-shaped markings would be introduced.
2:2 “Gil’Dishpan” has since been termed a mistranslation of “Gil’Dan”; this retcon occurred in < >.
2:4 Okaara is a planet in the Vega system.  Prior to this series, they had been seen as beneficent warriors, training other Vegan races against the Citadel.
2:5 Khund stamina — the ability to endure — increases the longer they endure?  Please.
2:6 The state of Thanagar has gone through so many upheavals that it is impossible to keep track of whom the planetary government was friendly to when.
2:7 While the brown area with the dot for Moscow is roughly the shape of Asia, there is no land mass in the Arctic Ocean as seen here.
2:8 And if you thought the other map was bizarre, this one put Cuba somewhere in Polynesia (not to mention that Melbourne should be on the south coast of Australia, not the northern interior).  As seen elsewhere in this issue, there is a Khund base in the South Pacific, so the label for Cuba is a typo.
3:3 That is the back of Tempest’s head (Tempest I, of the Doom Patrol, that is, not Aqualad).
4:3, 15:3-4 Despite the description, these are Imskian mercenaries working for the Khunds.
4:6 That is Chunk laying on the ground.
5:1 Superman is the only identifiable character here.
5:6 This is a random Khund soldier, perhaps the one in charge of the Command Center in Melbourne, seen on the screen on pager 18 (but with an incorrectly colored moustache); the Khund Commander looks different and does not wear a helmet.
6 Among the characters seen here: Maxwell Lord, Oberon, General Eiling, Captain Atom, Amanda Waller, and a Deadman-inhabited technician (all on the platform); Wildcat, four Rocket Reds, Hawk, Adam Strange, Swamp Thing, Changeling, Martian Manhunter, Nuklon, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Dove, Obsidian, Firestorm, Duchess, Kilowog, Spider-Man, Peacemaker, Firehawk, Nightshade, Crimson Fox, Lodestone, Robotman, Spectre, Robin, Batman, Chunk, Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, Ambush Bug, Aquaman, Power Girl, Extraño, Black Orchid, Hawkman, Guardian, The Question, Winder Woman, Starman, Negative Woman, Wild Dog, Creeper, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Katana, plus numerous unidentifiable characters (all on the floor).
6, etc. All appearances of Deadman’s aura count as panel appearances for him.
7:2 Subset of characters seen on page 6.
7:3 Seen here are Martian Manhunter, Manhunter, Extraño, Ice, Dr. Fate, Aquaman, and Green Lantern.
7:5 0500 hours Greenwich Mean Time, presumably.
9:3 Coloring error between the word balloons.
9:5 Wonder Woman, Aqualad, Flash, and Adam Strange.
10:2 Negative Woman, Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold.
10:4 Manhunter, Obsidian, Firestorm, and Floro.
10:6 Nuklon, Green Lantern, Dove, and Hawkman.
11:3 That’s more like where Melbourne should be.
11:6 G’nort, Nuklon, Nightshade, a Rocket Red, Ram, Gloss, Tempest, Batman, and Harbinger.
12:2 “Call in the villains to help” became old hat quickly after Crisis on Infinite Earths.
15 Dialogue balloons are from the Khund commander.
15:1 The characters here are similar to Interlac, but do not seem to translate to anything meaningful: “ar25” and “k4aj”.
15:6 Tasmanian Devil was the Australian member of the Global Guardians.  He eventually came out as being gay.
16:3 Coloring errors: check out the blue ear on the Khund commander, and the moustache of the soldier.
16:4 If not outright vegetables.
16:5 “Inerton” is a typo for “inertron”, a superdense element.  Preboot stories printed after this indicate that inertron was created by Dominators in the 20th century; the Khunds may have obtained it from their allies.
18:4 Typo: “riority-1” should be “priority-1”.
18:5-6 This is one of the Dominator commanders.
20 The blue ship to the left belongs to Blue Beetle.  The dark blue one below it and the gold one near Starman are unidentified, as are the two heroes beyond Negative Woman.
22:1 One of these six is Kel Gand, the father of Lar Gand. Can’t tell which one, though; aliens all look alike.
23:3 The helmeted Atlantean is Vulko (albeit rather thin).  The Sea Devil is presumably Dane Dorrance, and the woman next to him is Lodestone of the Doom Patrol.
24:1 Nothing like the colorist having to fix the penciller’s non-adherence to model sheets.
24:6 We have nothing to fear except our bubbles being broken open.  We’re methane breathers, and we’ll die in water.
25:1 “Surprise”?  The Gil’Dan have so little to fear that they weren’t checking their sensors?
27:4 What a face.  Are you constipated, Firestorm?
28:2 We are Daxamites.  We have identical, lousy fashion sense.
31:2 Coloring error on the Dominator’s disk.
31:6 The Dominator is possessed by Deadman.
32:4 As will be seen later, the real Flash is in Cuba again.
Those are Psions in the lower-right corner, miscolored.
32:4-33:4 The dialogue seems to indicate that two of the Dominators in the vivisection lab are the Dominator commanders.  The bomb must have been detected in time for them to escape unscathed.
37:1-2 This is Rick Flag.
37:3 Seen here: Black Orchid, <unknown woman>, <unknown man in moth costume>, Obsidian, Heat Wave, Ambush Bug, Captain Boomerang, Duchess, and Rick Flagg.
39:3 But the readers all know it was lead.
He pulled them out just in time, but now he has brought them back into the atmosphere?  That doesn’t make much sense, but neither does a lot in this series.
Pre-Crisis, Daxamite lead poisoning was a constant, permanent thing: one exposure and you were crippled for life.  That is also how Lar Gand’s poisoning would later be treated, so the only way this scene makes sense is if the Daxamites are already starting to suffer the effects of the poisoning again, but are not indicating so yet.
40:2 “Sino-Soviet”: Chinese-Russian.
40:3-4 It isn’t enough that heroes have to be reactive rather than proactive, only responding to threats rather than preventing them, but now they have to be over-reactive, responding to a threat by crushing the enemy.
41 The Psion data referred to on page 43 was gathered from Psion experiments conducted here at Starlag.
42:1 Unknown how long “fifteen parxats” is, but there is no further sign of this Dominator this issue, and probably at least a day passes, so “twenty-four hours” would be a good estimate of the length of time.
42:3 That caste disk doesn’t look especially minute, but we’ll take their word for it.
43 And the DC universe has been plagued by this meta-gene crap ever since.
The inset image here does not correspond to either the adrenal glands (which are located near the kidneys) nor the pituitary gland (located in the skull, near the nose).  More likely, this is an example of what the meta-gene change might produce; here, perhaps it is a vocal shift akin to Black Canary’s sonic cry.
44:1 You alone?  I thought you merely analyzed it while collating Psion data.  You identified it, maybe, but you didn’t discover it.
45:4 At this point, Wally West had not recovered the ability to vibrate through objects.
46:6 Six flying Durlans are seen in 46:2, but only five are seen here.  The smoking item falling to the ground must be one that Manhunter killed with the rocket launcher.
47:2 In the Millennium series, it was revealed that the Manhunter robots had instituted a number of human sleeper agents, tied to various superheroes as friends and family.  Other notable ones included Lana Lang and the robotic Laurel Kent (whose fate in the postboot continuity is unrevealed).
47:3 “Transformers… right before your eyes!”
48:1 This series, with its destruction of Melbourne and parts of Havana and Moscow, set a new direction for DC crossover events to separate the DC universe from the real one.  The destruction of the likes of Coast City and Gotham City, is one thing; exploding a nuclear device in Montevideo, Uruguay (see DC One Million), for example, takes things to another level.
48:2 This is Superman and five of the Daxamites. Kel Gand is in Australia.
49:1 Post-Crisis Kryptonians need breathing masks to survive in space.  Post-Crisis Daxamites probably don’t, but they need them to be able to communicate by radio.
49:4 It isn’t clear why the Martian Manhunter needs a space suit.
50:5 That’s Kel Gand.
52:3-4 Amanda Waller has always had a major chip on her shoulder, needing to constantly prove that her methods of using convicted supervillains are viable.
52:6 Coloring error: the bottom part of Captain Atom’s chest emblem should be red.
53:1 The Dominators have two very distinct ship styles.  Perhaps they adapted more square design (upper-right) from another race, and the organic-style ones are their own.
None of this dialog is from the Dominator commanders, just from generic Dominators.
53:2 Explain this concept to me, Mr. Khund commander: “criminal”.
53:2-3 Coloring errors abound.  Carl Gafford was probably very rushed in doing this job.
53:7 Coloring error: the Dominator’s teeth should be white.  (Unless it’s suffering from nasty plaque buildup or something.)
The “big picture” is the Dominator research.  They know that sending in the fleet to destroy the planet may kill most of the population, but it will also statistically create a few million super-powered beings who will then whomp all over the fleet.  What the Dominators can do at this juncture is unclear, since there is no time table for the fruits of the Psion data to reveal a solution (although it shall provide one — the Gene Bomb —albeit a bit too late for the alien alliance to utilize well).
55:2 In the preboot, this Durlan would later be transported through time to replace the adult Phantom Girl, and would end up becoming R.J. Brande.  In the postboot, one of Apparition’s bodies replaced the Durlan, but its fate has not been revealed; it may or may not have still become Brande.
55:6 These are Tigorr (of the Omega Men) and Garryn Bek.
56:1 This crowd includes Doc, Callista, Primus, Strata, Lyrissa Mallor, Elu, Dust Devil, Mrs. Levy, Tigorr, Harpis, and Broot.
57:5 The man is Crackpot and the woman is Jolt, both from the Blasters.
58-59 Citadellians all look similar, so we can’t tell which of these, if any, might be the Warden.
60:5 Vicious queens, those Dominators.  (And with a better fashion sense than the Daxamites, to be sure.)
63:4 This counts as an appearance for the Dominator and Khund commanders.
63:5 “Kryptonians,” plural?  Isn’t Superman the only Kryptonian who survived the destruction of that planet?
64:1 And just how did they pick up that bit of idiom?  (By “observing,” apparently.)
64:2 Coloring error: these Daxamites all have blue-black hair, not brown.
64:4 Unknown where the fifth Daxamite is.
65 Frankly, the teeming multitude of Daxamites entering the fray was done better in the Legion’s “Great Darkness Saga, ” also drawn by Giffen.
67:3 While the costume would indicate Red Star, the tornado-like effect is clearly that of a super-speedster, marking this as one of the members of Red Trinity.  The other characters in the background are Rocket Reds.
69:5 Don’t blame us!  We were only the leaders!
70:1 Note the aura: Deadman is in control of this Dominator.
71:1 Coloring error: the Dominator ship in the foreground should be brown.
72:5 Again, despite looking like Interlac characters, these are not Interlac as we are familiar with it in the 30th century milieu.  However, in conjunction with comments made by Phase when she first appears in the 20th century, these may be an archaic, earlier form of the language, identifiable yet hard to decipher.
74:4 It is usually a given in comics that superheroes do not kill.  On the other hand, this is a situation of war, and Deadman is undoubtedly not the only one who has done some killing in this conflict.  As well, Deadman is already dead, so maybe he doesn’t consider the transition between “life” and “death” states in the same way other characters would.
76:6 This counts as an appearance for a Dominator.
77:6 Despite the telltale capes, these are not Khunds next to the Gil’Dan.  They are probably Daxamites.
77:7 No idea who the caped figure behind Robotman is.
78:2 Maxwell Lord is behind Captain Atom.
80:8 Bialya is a small Middle East nation sometimes ruled by the Queen Bee.  Another of its neighbors is Qurac.
Back Cover This is the cover art for Invasion Book Three.  Art is by Todd McFarlane and possibly an uncredited inker.

Appearance Counts

Character Name


Panels / Speaking

Vril Dox 6 / 9
The Durlan 3 / 3
Garryn Bek 5 / 5
Strata 1 / 0
Lyrissa Mallor 1 / 0
Flash III (Wally West) X 8 / 4
Superman (Clark Kent) X 37 / 29
Deadman (Boston Brand) 7 / 6
Martian Manhunter (J’Onn J’Onzz) X 10 / 4
Guardian II (Jim Harper) 1 / 0
Aqualad (Garth)
3 / 2
Dominators 9 / 6
Gil’Dan 10 / 5
Durlans 14 / 8
Khunds 22 / 10
Dominator commanders (2) 49 / 45
Khund commander 62 / 62
Dominator meta-gene scientist
X 7 / 8
Warden of Starlag 2 / 2
Lex Luthor
4 / 3
Supporting Characters
Kel Gand 8 / 0
Daxamite observers (5) 29 / 20
Daxamite commander
6 / 5

A. The individual members of the alien races are tracked separately from the general members.