Blue Devil Annual #1

Blue Devil Annual #1 cover
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Summer 1985


“The Day All Hell Broke Loose”
(Cover Title: “Summer Fun”)


Gary Cohn / Dan Mishkin (Writer) • Paris Cullins (Penciller) • Gary Martin / Bill Collins (Inkers) • Bob Tappan (Letterer) • Shelley Eiber (Colorist) • Alan Gold (Editor) • Paris Cullins (Cover [assumed; unsigned])


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Analysis Notes

General While the indicia doesn’t list a month or quarter for the year, DC’s annuals at the time were summer releases, and the cover blurb pretty well guarantees that release date.
In general, as regards postboot continuity, any Legion reference from before Zero Hour is suspect and any reference from before Crisis on Infinite Earths is right out.  This one, however, is unusual, in that Felix Faust was a purely 20th century character, and Mordru was an almost exclusively 30th century one.  (Mordru had visited the 20th century twice: to Superboy’s time in Adventure Comics # 369-70, and to the present in the JLA/JSA/LSH crossover in Justice League of America #147-148.)  What Faust’s comment presages, though, is the (post-Crisis, pre-Zero Hour) presentation of Mordru as coming from 20th century Gemworld, a concept which has carried forward into the JSA series, where he is presented as an adult in the 21st century.  Since the rest of this story is still reasonably valid in the current DC continuity, there is no reason to not accept Faust’s reference to Mordru as still standing.  (The reference to a “Council of Evil Mages,” on the other hand…)